Friday, August 23, 2013

Sewing Pajama Pants

First of all you should know, I'm not a very good seamstress. My edges never match, my threads aren't tight or uniform. Like everything else I attempt, I am just short of mediocre.

But, that doesn't seem to stop me from trying.

So I saw this idea for making pajama pants that looked pretty easy.  The instructions were for kids size pj pants, but my kids are adults and don't wear pj pants, but I do, and I wanted some for myself, so I used a pair of my jeans that are comfortable and I like to make the pattern using Kraft paper.

Closer up you can see my (feeble) attempt at outlining the jeans. I still apparently didn't leave enough space, or else I sewed the seam too tight.

I picked out a nice pink with flowers and and some shiny I can't describe from the piles of free fabric and material I scored from Freecycle last month.

Closer up view of the fabric.

I ironed and pinned my pattern on the fold of my material and cut out two (sides).

With right sides together, I sewed the (top sides). See the original instructions for a better explanation.

Then I turned the pants sideways, or opened them up, and with right sides still together, sewed the inseam all the way around.

I sewed an elastic channel and fed/pulled the piece of elastic through with a large safety pin. I (half-ass attempted because my sewing machine wouldn't cooperate) sewed the ends of the elastic together, then sewed the remainder of the channel closed.

Then I hemmed around the leg bottoms.

They fit - once I got them past my huge thighs and arse. Not exactly figure flattering, but that's likely more my figure than the pants.

I think the next pair I try, I'll outline the jeans with more space, and also forego the elastic and sew a knotted-ends-fabric-string that I can tie instead.

Anyway, they really were easy. I didn't know sewing a pair of pants could be so easy.

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