Thursday, August 22, 2013

Halloween Spider Decor Craft

I don't know if it was the weather turning off cooler or what but alla sudden it seemed like several of my Pinterest friends started pinning Halloween pins left & right.

Well I love Halloween and there were pretty some awesome ideas.
One of them was Magnetic Spiders. Extremely simple project that makes a big impact.
Especially when you know someone who's terror-fied of spiders {evil laugh}.

Delia Creates
Dollar Tree is putting out Halloween stuff already so I was able to find a bag of black spider rings today.

Cut the ring part off.

I didn't actually read Delia Creates post before tackling this project on my own, so I also used advertising magnets that I had on hand. I punched mine out with a hole punch.

They aren't very strong magnets and I'll probably try to find better ones before I do more.

Glued the magnet on the spider with hot glue.

Here they are hanging out in hiding on the side of my spare fridge until I get more/the rest made, and it's closer to Halloween before I'll bring them out and stick them on doors or appliances, lol.

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