Monday, June 24, 2013

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So at my doctor's appointment last week, which was a dermatologist surgeon or something to that effect, I found out I have a spot of Basal Cell Carcinoma above my left eyebrow. Ah, the joys of being a redhead.

Or rather, the joys of being an OLD redhead. BCC is caused by sun damage. My fair-er skin has taken all the damage it can over the years, and now skin cancer is what I have to look forward to. For the rest of my life. What few years I have left of a life anyway.
I saw on my medical chart that I'm 45 years old. 45. I honestly don't think I knew I was that old. 40-ish doesn't seem nearly as old as 45. That's practically 50. Shit.

Anyway, they'll be doing something called Mohs surgery, whereby they'll remove a layer of skin at time, test it right there, and continue removing layers of skin until they reach a layer with no cancer.
After which I'll have a hole in my head, and since I don't need another hole in my head, they'll be doing reconstructive surgery to close it up by cutting into the skin down in my Temple and pulling it up and stitching it.
I think I'm going to end up with an "L" shaped scar on my forehead. Perfect.

My papers say I'll have to wear a bandage for about a month afterwards, doctoring it and such. So when my Sister texted me that same night and said I needed to come visit, I figured I'd better go then because I probably wouldn't feel like it for awhile after this surgery thing.

I posted a little about my trip to Florida last week at my Family Travel Blog.

My sweet youngest niece

I've also spent some time working up a couple of websites (blogs in disguise) for my parents Rental properties in Steinhatchee, Florida.

Check out my work, and I'm for hire - my specialty is Easy & Cheap - if you or you know anyone wanting a small, inexpensive website.

The Big House, aka Sleepy-Crew-House.


Staples is giving away more goodies this week. I posted the deal at my Shopping Blog.

Kroger (goes by other names in other parts of the country) is having a good Mega Sale this week. I haven't been very good about buying newspapers for the coupon inserts lately, but using only coupons printed from the internet I was able to stock up on some things we use and save 70%.

You can read about my shopping trip at my Shopping Blog.

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