Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yard Sale-ing!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning, about 45 minutes from home, so on the way back we stopped at a ton of yard sales between there and here.

I was able to find some more orphan beaters for my clock project. I need to count and see if this makes enough or if I still need more. Hopefully I don't. (I can't seem to find the old posts from where I was finding and collecting these from yard sales and thrift stores last Summer to try and make this Clock I saw on Pinterest.) Total cost of all 4 was 75¢.

The other egg beater has a hole in the red plastic covering, and they don't turn/beat very well. I think I could tear the red plastic coating off the gear/wheel and they'd probably look and work better, but I already have a good working egg beater so I believe I'll leave this one like it is and put it up or hang it near my Sweetheart cabinet as decor. It only cost like 10¢.

The green/glass chopper thing, my Mom had one when I was a kid, back in the 70's. I don't know what I'll chop in it, but it was only 50¢.

The Potato Chipper I paid $1.00 for. If we manage to grow any potatoes, or even if we don't and I end up buying a bunch on sale again, I spend a lot of time peeling and slicing or cubing potatoes into fries or cubes for potato salad and put them in the freezer. Maybe this thing will help make it a bit easier chore.

I saw these white bowls and my first thought was they'd make good cereal bowls. My bowls at home have a lip around them that makes turning them up and drinking the milk out of them hard. They were 6/$1.00.
I noticed later they say "Made in Korea" on the bottom. I don't know anything about Made in Korea dishes, if they are old or no older than any other dishes. (I tried google'ing information, but apparently I'm a google-failure. I don't seem to do well at finding information. Probably don't know the right keywords to use or something.)
Anyway, they're still going to be cereal bowls.

These bowls have no markings on the bottom and I don't know anything about them except my Mom collects bowls like the one on the left, with a pretty/colorful design. I couldn't make up my mind about the brown bowl but J said "It's only a quarter, get it".

The little Pyrex refrigerator dish minus it's lid was only 10¢.

I bargained the "Aunt Jemima" shakers down to 50¢ from $1.00. They say "Japan" on the bottom. I am sure these are pretty vintage.
Checking on ebay, they are apparently one-half of a set that includes "Aunt Jemima" and an "Uncle Mose". I wondered why they both had the same number of shaker holes.

I got this huge - maybe King size, not sure yet - Chenille bedspread for $5.00.  I love Chenille bedspreads, probably because my Grannie's and Great-Grannie's had these on the beds when I was a kid.
Or, possibly, because I'm still a big baby that likes to be swaddled. These blankets are thinner than most blankets and comforters, but they are soooo heavy. I love these and the old handmade quilts that are a lot heavier than modern day quilts.

And I bought these three blankets for $2.00 (total, not each).  I already have a ton of blankets and throws, but I didn't have these blankets, I guess.

Love the tag in this one.

This ladder, LOL. The man had three gallons of paint sitting on it, and I totally didn't even see the ladder.

We had gotten back in the car and was turning around, discussing the possible reasons these people still had so much stuff left for sale when pretty much the rest of the subdivision was close to being sold out and some of them even closing up already. J said "Blah blah - wooden ladder for two dollars - blah blah blah"...I was like, hold on. What? Ladder? Two dollars? How did I not see that? Go get it, man.

I found this (potentially vintage Lamplight Farms hobnail glass) oil lamp at one of the yard sales for 75¢.  Saw the exact same one at the Gold Mine store (see below) priced at $12.00.

On the way back home we ended up coming across this new Antique and Flea Market store about 10 minutes from the house neither of us knew was there. It was awesome, there was so much neat - and freaky - stuff to look at.

I totally would have popped the $10.00 for this fire bucket had it been more red.  If I was any kind of half-ass good at decorating my home with Flea Market finds, I would have anyway. Heck, I may still go back and get it, lol.

Sigh. I wish I could go to yard sales and thrift stores and find awesome stuff and be able to bring it home and put it in some awesome decor and take awesome pictures of it like so many other frugal/thrifty bloggers (and others) are able to do.

Oh well, I keep trying. One day, maybe......

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