Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Yesterday we went on a nice "One Tank Trip" family outing to Cloudland Canyon State Park in extreme Northwest Georgia, about two hours from home.

If you're interested in reading more about our trip and seeing a lot more pictures, check out the post at my Family Travel blog.

My son, Ryan took this picture of his little brother, Kevin checking out the view through the scenic viewer thing.
I think this might be my favorite picture of the whole day.

For my frugal followers, other than about $20-$25 worth of gas, this trip only cost $5.00 Park parking fee. I brought food and items we already had at home for our picnic.

For our $5.00 Park parking fee, we got a parking spot. We also got free Park maps and information, a free guided tour, free use of a picnic table, free visit to the Interpretive Center where we saw live native Georgia wildlife and learned interesting facts about the land, gorgeous natural scenery, and a ton of free exercise.

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