Friday, June 07, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking...But Not

Because I can't seem to catch on to actual Digital Scrapbooking, much as I'd love to. I have tried; I've read instructions how to do it, and I've tried Programs that are supposed to do it for me.  Something is just not clicking.

So in the meantime, I'm still doing it the old fashioned way. Sort of.

Since I can't figure out how to do the Digital Scrapbooking, I just look around on the internet and find some graphics and images I like and print them out.

The reason this came up was after a lady in one of the local OnlineYard Sale groups I belong to was looking for some Firefighter related Scrapbook papers and stickers and anything else she could use to make a project for her husband for Father's Day.

I messaged her with the suggestion of printing out graphics and images from the internet, and also about how I use pictures or images from other sources like Travel Brochures from the State Line Welcome Center.
Once, I was working on a page I was making for my great-Grandfather, who was a Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, and just so happened we'd visited a Civil War battlefield and I had a shiny, full-color brochure from the place and it had photos in it that were perfect for cutting up and using on my Scrapbook page.

Later on in the evening, I still had it on my mind and decided to see, if it had been me wanting to make a Scrapbook page(s) and someone suggested looking for things on the internet to use, what I might come up with.

Well, a huge part of my problem is that I'm not creative, or maybe it's not imaginative. Maybe neither. I know others could do a lot better, but anyway, here's what I managed to cobble together.

At first I had printed a Red Chevron page, but I didn't like it, so I checked out some examples of Firefighter layouts and saw the black diamond plate and liked it pretty well.
I printed it on a piece of photo paper because that's what I had that was stronger than regular copy paper. I typically would have used card stock, but mine's packed away at the moment.

I also printed the picture and the black chevron card on photo paper. I picked the black chevron print thinking it would coordinate/contrast with the red chevron I was originally using for the main background. Not so much.

Then I printed out several items on regular copy/print paper.
I found and saved about 10 times more than just this, but these are what I ended up using for this particular project.

Then I arranged everything and glued it.

Apparently I have a problem with any of the background showing, so much for the nice black diamond plate print. I had no idea that would be a problem for me when I started.

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