Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Way Back Wednesday

Twenty years ago today, we awoke to the "Storm of the Century", "100 Year Storm", "Blizzard of '93".

Here in the Deep South, it was unlike anything we'd ever seen or experienced before. In fact, we had no idea it was an actual Blizzard until some time later.

We lost power early that morning. We had a wood burning heater, but our old house was uninsulated, and in fact our bedroom didn't even have interior walls. It was so cold, and our kitchen stove was electric so we didn't even have that.

My oldest son, Daniel, was at my parents house. Ryan was only 2point8 at the time. He and I walked - more like heaved and pushed our way - across the road to my in-laws place because they had a gas stove, and MIL fixed us some breakfast.

After that, we went riding the roads in J's brother's 4-wheel drive.

This was my pre-digital camera days, but even having to use film, I still used to take a ton of pictures.

I guess it's testament to the Shock of the event that I only took like two pictures of it.

Now I wonder, What was I thinking?? Perfect opportunity for beautiful, once in a lifetime photos, and I took a picture of BIL's truck and some people standing on the the side of the road. D'oh.

Funny story about this picture, or maybe you had to been there, but anyway, we had come up on a man stuck in the road in his regular truck and BIL said he'd pull him out, or home, or whatever.

I got out of the truck to go take a picture and stepped off the road, headed into a yard where I could get a shot of both the trucks and the action.

I stepped off the road and one minute I was there, the next I was thigh deep in a ditch that I didn't know was there because it was filled with snow, making the yard look level with the roadway.

Everyone got a big laugh out of that. Hahahaha.

It sure doesn't seem like it was 20 years ago. Wow. I remember it like it was just a few years ago.
A couple of years ago I was talking to my Aunt...something something about the weather, or weather cycles, I can't exactly recall the conversation now, but I remember telling her They'd said it was a "Once in a Life time", or a "100 year Storm", and we'd just had that Blizzard like 10 years ago....and something something.
She says, "That Blizzard was 17 years ago."
Whaaaaat?  I couldn't believe it had been so long. And now it's been 20 years.

Check out this neat art illustration of this guy's Blizzard experience:
Patrick Dean Comics & Illustration

This video was shot further South of us, around Griffin, Georgia, where another of my Aunt's live. It shows how hard the wind blowing and the Blizzard-conditions.

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