Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Time to Read Tuesday

Currently I'm reading Mistaken Trust (The Jewels Trust Series) by Shirley A. Spain.

I started this book a few days ago, but am still only 10% into it. The reviews at Amazon are great...but there's only two, and they could as easily be the Author's family and/or friends. Who ever knows about these things?

The first chapter (Epilogue) was pretty gritty, but, and it may be just me, some of the things just didn't gel in my mind.  And in the next couple of chapters, some things happened that just didn't seem altogether logical to me either.
When I get "thrown off" by stories like that, I have a hard time moving on. After a little while, giving myself time to "get over" that parts that bothered me, I'll go back and try again and hopefully the rest of the story will either be better, or exciting enough that it doesn't really matter if some parts aren't logical.

Book Description
Publication Date:February 7, 2013

NOTE: Contains strong language, violence and some sexual situations. This is the first novel in the series where trust spells MURDER.

THE COMMANDER would stop at nothing to have her. Deception. Torture. Murder. Masterminded and executed in preparation for taking possession of his Sweet Cheeks: Jewels.

Just for the practice of honing his self-taught surgical skills, he had kidnapped, cleansed, and killed four women; lab rats he called them. Like his lab rats, Jewels would have to be cleansed. Her sex button cut out. Forever preserved in a special jar joining his collection of secret treasures.

His plan to acquire her was foolproof. Cleverly elaborate. Insanely detailed. Criminally brilliant. Jewels would be his, one way or another.

Or would she?

Violently captured and held prisoner in the remote mountains of Utah by a radical militia, Jewels’ defensive handgunning expertise, journalism experience, and strong-willed personality could either help or hinder her chances of survival.

An ally would almost guarantee her escape. But whom should she trust? The FBI agent who had been hounding her for a date since the death of her husband? The rough-handed handsome he-man designated to keep her imprisoned? The militia’s kind-eyed doctor? Or...?

Will she make the right choice in time to be spared the savage mutilation her captor ... the mysterious Commander ... has planned for her?

Or will mistaken trust lead to her torturous demise?

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