Monday, March 11, 2013

Make It Monday

A few years back, I had been sick with a sinus thing, which wasn't any big deal, I get those about once or twice a year and usually don't even have to see a doctor for it.

But this particular time, a few days after my sinus thing, I developed an awful sore throat. Worst I'd had since I don't remember when.
I was pretty sure it was Strep throat, and headed off to my local Urgent Care for a Test and a Script.

Well, it wasn't Strep. Turned out, the sinus drainage has caused an Ulcer in the back of my throat. Ever had a canker inside your cheek or lip? Like that, but about 10 times bigger.

Hurt like a mm-mmmm-mmmm.

What the Doctor prescribed for me that day was something called "Magic Mouthwash".
It's a mixture of three ingredients, I'm not exactly sure of, except that it contains an antacid and some sort of "caine" like Lidocaine or Novocain. The third ingredient might be an anti-fungal.

It cured my throat right up, and then afterwards whenever I would get a canker sore or my (false) teeth rubbed sore spots on my gums, the MMW fixed it right up.

After I ran out of the first bottle, which took a couple of years, I asked my Dentist for a Script and he wrote me one, with 2 Refills. Well I didn't need a Refill before the expiration date of the prescription. By the time I used only the one bottle, the Script was expired and I had to ask for another one. And the same thing happened again.

At this point, in like 6 years, I've only gone through three bottles of the MMW, and after the original throat ulcer I just rinsed and spit and didn't swallow it because the taste is horrid. But I don't know if my Dentist believes me when I tell him that, or if he thinks I'm some sort of Magic-Mouthwash-aholic, guzzling down bottles of the nasty stuff like some kind of Wino.

Well, I thought, there's a recipe for everything else, maybe there's one for MMW and I can make my own at home.

I found one that said her child's pediatrician recommended mixing Children's Bendryl and Maalox only.

I didn't see how only Benedryl and Antacid made her daughter's throat numb, but someone commented, yeah, that's the "magic" part.
Someone else made a comment suggesting using throat spray like Chloroseptic and that made more sense, so I got a bottle of it, too.

I started out mixing only the Benedryl and antacid in equal parts to try. It was Pink, alright, but it didn't do anything for me.

A little later I went back and added a part of the throat spray.  It made it taste, if possible, even nastier than the original MMW, and still didn't seem to do any better.

Maybe it's because I've used the original Rx strength kind and know how great it works, but maybe if I'd never used it, and had a sore throat, this might provide some relief which is probably better than no relief.

What eventually healed, or helped anyway, was a $1.00 tube of Analgesic Gel from the Dollar Tree.
I don't know if it healed the mouth sore, or just helped me tolerate it until it healed on it's own.

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