Wednesday, July 25, 2012


is the reason I can't get 95% of the stuff I want to do done.

J and R primering the dresser I bought for $8 bucks at a thrift store with Zinsser primer. Thing is, I still can't decide what color I want to paint it.

I also can't decide if I want to keep it, or sell it.  Me & J could really use a dresser. All we have is an antique chiffarobe with a small closet and 4 really small drawers, but we don't have room in our bedroom for a dresser.  Both of the boys already have dressers so they don't need one. So it seems like the most logical thing would be to sell it.  But me & J could really use a dresser, and I only paid $8 for this one...
But I have no place to put it.

But I would have a place to put it if I could get rid of some of (a lot of)(most of) the junk around here.
I just can't decide what to do with it.


374's Wife said...

I just recently moved the kids' dressers into their rooms. I had their dressers in our laundry room. It made laundry so much easier. Being able to fold the laundry and put it directly into the drawers without leaving the laundry room was nice. Is that an option?

I wish that their closests were deep enough to put their dressers in. Their rooms are so small that even the footprint of a dresser takes up a lot of their space. Another idea?

What colors are their rooms if you kept it? I'd be more inclined to paint it a dark coordinating color, so it wouldn't show dirt prints from tiny curious hands. :)

Amber said...

Would it fit in the closet? I did that just make more room in the room, and it's worked out wonderfully. Or would it store more than the chifferobe ...possibly dethroning it?

Melissa said...

Thanks for the suggestions, but that would be a "no go" on all those :(

My laundry has side-by-side front loading washer/dryer, with a stand-up freezer taking up the rest of the space (where my laundry sink was supposed to be, actually). And the other side is my pantry/shelves.

Our closets are tiny, maybe 2 feet deep.
My bedroom is tiny,too, only like 9 feet by 11 feet or something like that. The space the chifferobe sits in is the bit of wall between the bedroom door and the closet door. Not wide enough for a dresser.

I could fit a dresser if I took out the tv stand and my computer desk. TV stand not a problem, we could put the tv on the dresser, but I'm not sure I can sit at a dresser and work at my desktop comfortably.
I've tried to think about moving the computer, but then there's whole problem of having to move phone lines. Plus, there's really no where to move it to. Blah.

I have just got to get more serious about getting rid of some more stuff from out of here.

Danielle said...

Can you put it in a main living area? I just put a dresser in my family room, and another in my dining room. I want to find another smallish one (not too deep) to put in my kitchen too. I'll turn it into a "coffee bar." Love the storage, and $8 is a heck of a deal! You could sell it for more than that for sure after it's all fixed up and painted. Tough decision.

Melissa said...

I saw your dresser in your livingroom, Danielle. Looks great!

I could put mine in my livingroom....if I move something else out. It's all coming down to that one main problem. I've got too much stuff.

I love the "coffee bar" idea. I've been looking around my areas trying to figure out a place I could make one, but as with every other room in the house, the kitchen is on the small side and there's just no room. As it is I have to choose between cabinets for food, or a table and chairs.

I bought with the intention of fixing it up and selling it for more. But then I thought about how useful it would be for me and J, and I'll probably not find another one in as good of shape for as cheap again.
I'm really leaning towards keeping it ATM. Get rid of something else that isn't being as useful.

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