Friday, July 06, 2012

What's Up

What's up is, not much. One reason being because it's been too hot to do much.  My craft table is on my back porch, and for several days it felt like walking into an oven out there. Even first thing in the morning, when me and J used to like to go sit out there and drink our caffeine, was unbearable.

(I could have brought the stuff inside to work on it, but I wasn't feeling very crafty anyway.)

The other reason being because J has been really sick for the past week or two. Maybe Viral Meningitis, and/or a Sinus Infection.  I was pretty much literally having to do nothing myself, to keep him sitting/laying down and resting.
He would get up feeling not too bad, so he'd walk outside, down to the garden, mess with this or that, go to thrift stores with us, go fishing, and sure enough soon he'd be feeling like crap again.  I finally had to put a moratorium on him and assign him to the recliner all day, for several days.

Before it got so hot I couldn't go outside, I was working on this project.
I had found the packages of round wooden curtain rings at a thrift store. I painted them white, then sanded them for a worn look.  The original directions used Sharpie markers to color in the stripes. I did that with a couple of the red ones, and I liked the way they looked, but it wasn't easy. The marker didn't want to color on them at all.  The blue one was pert near impossible.

The only red and blue paints I had have a metallic sheen to them, which Ryan (my helper in everything) said he didn't much like for this project. I bought another blue paint, but it seems maybe too dark to me.

Then I needed the letter stamps. I checked a couple of Micheals craft stores, but they didn't have the type writer type letters as in the original project, which I liked. Hobby Lobby is located in the only city I haven't had to make a trip to in the past several weeks. I ended up finding a stamper kit at Staples, you put your own letters in the stamper thing to make return address or business cards or whatever.

The letters were too small, and obviously I need practice in lining up my letters right.
Going over in Sharpie wasn't an improvement.

I was also going to make Popsicle Stick Flags. This is as far as we got (Ryan was helping me paint them).

The 100*+ temps have broken, we've gotten some rain showers a couple of afternoons/evenings, J's feeling better and is back to work.  Hopefully things continue to improve, and I can start getting some things accomplished again.


Trina said...

I don't have an area in this house that is mine, So all of my stuff is in a photo box and a reusable grocery bag. I don't think the rings look bad. Better than I would have done and knowing my husband, he would have taken that over anyway.

I miss having a Hobby Lobby just down the way. Never heard of them until last year and now I think I am in withdrawl.

Melissa said...

I didn't have a place that was mine until this past month, when we cleaned off and finished fixing the back porch for the graduation party.
After cleaning up from the party, there was a nice, flat, empty surface I could work on a project on. Next thing I know, there's crafty stuff and projects piled on it.

I liked the rings okay, until the lettering. Even if I weren't comparing it to the original, it's still bad. I'm pretty sure I need the bigger letters, but don't want to spend the $$ on them. So I guess I'll keep practicing with these small ones until I can line them up right.
My Dad, bless his heart, would love them no matter how bad they look.

Hobby Lobby is great, isn't it. I just wish I didn't spend too much moo-lah everytime I went there, lol.

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