Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend Thrifting

I planned my thrift store shopping for Friday - the third Friday of the month - which used to be the 50¢ clothing sale at one of the thrift stores I visit.
Sadly for me, she's not having them anymore.

I did find one mixer beater - which they ended up giving me for free - a package of glue gun sticks for 50¢ and a package of round wooden circles that I can try this project. They only cost 50¢ so not a big loss if they end up sucky.

At the next store, Ryan found an old Olympus SLR camera for $4.98. For those of you that aren't camera knowledgeable (like me), that basically means it uses film. Not digital. I don't know why he wants a film camera, but he found a great deal. He says it's still a good, popular camera, and sells for $50+ on eBay and Craigslist.

After there we went into a Variety/Salvage store and he found Kodak film for 50¢ each. Sweet!
I found some appliance light bulbs for 99¢ for a 2-pack. I've been needing bulbs for one of my fridge's and my oven. I was afraid they wouldn't work, but they did, so we went back to today and bought the other four packages of them :)

The next store we visited was a thrift/re-sale/antiques store all in one. Which meant they had A LOT of stuff to look at. But also meant the majority of the things I liked and wanted cost more than I wanted to pay.

I found a bundle of four 8x10 wooden picture frames for 88¢. I didn't/don't have any ideas using then yet, but I figured I couldn't pass them up at that price.
Ryan found some sort of special fishing reel, a 1963 Pfleuger Nobby, for $7.50. He plans to give it to his Dad for Father's Day tomorrow.

At the next thrift store, I found this dresser for $7.99.  Ryan asked me where I was going to put it, and I have no idea, but how could I NOT buy it for 8 bucks??  Despite being made of "wood products", it's heavy and sturdy, and the drawers are sturdy and clean.

The top has some water damage, like bubble bumps, but I think I can sand them back down. If not, the whole top can be removed and replaced.  I like the color as it is, but I'm sure I'll never be able to match it, so I guess I'll have to strip the whole thing and re-stain or paint.

Ryan found the little firefighter picture frame thing. It even has a 6 on the helmet, which is his station number.

We were in another thrift store, with one to go, when we got interrupted for the day. (Another story, another day.)

I told J about the appliance light bulbs, and he'd seen a yard sale yesterday he'd wanted to stop at but couldn't because he was on the ambulance, so we went back out today. Hit the two thrift stores we didn't get to yesterday, but didn't find anything to buy, and another thrift/re-sale place that turned out to be more vintage/ other words, same junk, higher prices.

Also stopped at a couple of yard sales along the way, but didn't find any good buys at those. The yard sale J had seen was at a storage facility. Apparently several of the storage bin renters decided to yard sale from their bins at the same time.
They probably had a lot more stuff yesterday, but they still had a whole lot of stuff today, and it was priced to SELL! I had to make myself not bring home arm-fulls of stuff I did not need, just because it was priced so well.

I managed to come out with the wooden peg coat hanging thing for 25¢, and a fire-truck-pedal-car bell for 80¢. I didn't know the bell went to the pedal car, I just saw a bell with a fire helmet on top. The guy asked what it was worth to me, and I was just like, not much. I wasn't even going to buy it after he told me what it was because he was probably right that he could probably sell it as a replacement part for a lot more than what I wanted to pay for it, since I'm just going to put it on a shelf and let it collect dust.
He started at $20, but when I was going to let him keep it to sell to someone else who wanted to pay the price he deserved for it, he dropped to $1.00. And I just couldn't pass that up. J would've had a fit.
Then, I was counting change out of my change-purse, and the guy said I didn't need to count out pennies for him, so he ended up taking 80¢ for the bell. I still feel kinda guilty about it.

J found some of those rubbery fishing worms things for 25¢ a pack, and another food processor, exactly like the one Mom gave me years ago and exactly like the one he paid $6.00 for at the thrift store on our way back from Chattanooga last week, for 25¢ !  It's missing the large screw-on piece that holds the center piece in the chopper, but for 25¢ we couldn't pass it up for parts if nothing else.
Turns out it runs better than the one he just bought, so he's going to rob the screw-on thing from it, and make it the parts processor.

Stopped by one last yard sale on the way home, and I almost, almost got away clear, and then I saw the little Amish Rooster 1/2 cup Pyrex refrigerator dish. She wanted $1.00 for it. I'd have preferred to pay more like 25¢, but it was worth at least $1.00, I know.


374's Wife said...

love it!! i drag hubby with me to thrift stores and garage sales all the time. he acts like he doesn't like it... but he always brags about how his wife knows how to get deals. lol!! that dresser for $8 is a steal!

Melissa said...

Mine loves junk shopping as much as I do...which isn't always a good thing, haha.

I'm hoping to make a good deal out of the dresser, hopefully I can repaint it nice and sell it for more than I paid for it.

Fine time to find out we don't own an electric sander, lol.

Danielle said...

Wow! I need to go thrifting with you. You got some awesome deals!

And to think I was thrilled when I got a dresser for $25 recently...$8 is fantastic!

Melissa said...

$25 is a good deal if you don't have to do a lot of work to it, like this one is turning out to be.

We're going to have to sand the whole thing, and paint it, since there's no wood grain, staining it wouldn't go real good I'm thinking.

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