Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can I Just Say,

I was pretty disgusted when I cleaned out the storage room and found the ridiculous amount of Dollar Tree items I had bought and put away for "later".  By the time "later" came around, I didn't want the stuff anymore.

I remember when Dollar Tree opened and it was such a novelty, and all the neat toys and home decor and kitchenwares and everything was just.a.dollar!
If I had all those just a dollar's back, I think we'd be rich.

I was sickened when I realized the amount of toys around here. Because I rarely got rid of any of their toys, I'm confronted with the years and years of ridiculousness. Not the ridiculousness of me saving everything, which was pretty ridiculous, but how much there was to save.
Everytime we went to the store they had to have something. Birthdays, Easter, and Christmas were always big Toy events.
What the hell was I thinking?

But I am straight up horrified by my Beanie Baby and Pez collections.
I knew I had a good bit of a collection, but in reality I had no idea of the true extent of it.

No wonder J isn't able to drive around in a brand new truck with upgrades even though he works three jobs.

Ughhhh. I'm so sick of myself.

Well. The good news is, they are in plastic tubs and stored - hopefully safely - out of the way in the attic.
And maybe one day their value will come back, since - sadly - that is about the extent of our kids' inheritance.


Danielle said...

I love the Dollar Tree, haha. But I tend to only buy toys there for tooth fairy loot, or birthday party favor type things. Never fails though, I go in there and spend way more than I planned, usually on crafty things or picture frames and candles. I try not to go in there very often because of that.

We have WAYYYY too many toys here. But I only buy toys on holidays, and one or two for birthdays. The rest, come from GRANDMA, haha. I'm trying to convince the girls to pick what they don't play with any more and let me put it in a yard sale.

Melissa said...

I'm the same way, even knowing the problem, I still tend to find stuff I think I need if I go in for something else. I try to stay out of there as much as I can. Recently I've been taking my middle son with me, to detour me from looking around beyond what I went in for.

I think I'd feel 50% better about having all these toys if Grandma was the one that had paid for it.

Melissa said...

I was going to say, my Mom used to just go in and clean out our stuff - new toys in, old toys out. No discussion.

I don't think I really liked that, and that may have to do with why I hung on to the boys toys (and everything else?).

Anyway, I have no advice for talking kids out of their old toys, lol.

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