Saturday, July 07, 2012

Photo Walk

My kid has (finally) picked up an interest in Photography. Of course, as usual with him, it can't just be something simple, lol.  He doesn't like my little "Point & Shoot" digital camera, but rather than upgrading to a DSLR (my understanding of that is: a digital camera with changeable lenses), he went backwards, to a SLR, or a camera that uses film.

He found himself an SLR camera at a thrift store, some film at another thrift store, and started haunting the Fo-tog groups of Flickr.
As I was looking at some pictures he'd uploaded, I was telling him how I used to go Flickr and type in our town name in the search just to see what came up, for crafty/scrapbooking purposes.  As I was telling him, I typed in our town name and ended up finding where a group had gotten together and had gone a Photo Walk around here.

He liked that idea, so the other day we went on our own Photo Walk around town. I followed along with my little P&S camera, so we could compare shots later.

Up until just recently this was the city Police Department building. I don't know if it was always the PD building, or if it was a City Hall or anything previously. Years ago, I think the city FD also ran out of this building.

Now the Chamber of Commerce and a City Museum is housed here.

Standing in front of the old PD building, looking to the right is part of old Downtown.

100* outside, and one of the local thrift stores has a Christmas in July display. Gorgeous!

Funny sign; there's not a crosswalk, and really no where to cross to.

This little church is interesting on closer inspection; the brighter red "brick" fillings at the top are actually painted plywood,

And so are the "windows"! lol.  Somebody is a really good painter.

The Veterans Memorial.

1st Methodist Church

I want to own this building sooooo bad! I would turn it into a vintage fire hall/restaurant.
It's killing me that who ever owns it is just letting it rot down/be destroyed by squatters.

 I also want this extremely old slate rock building. I'd make it into a place like I've been seeing lately, renting spaces to dealers/people for an antique/flea market/thrift/re-sell kind of place in most of the building. But there on the back side where those french doors are, I think I'd put in a little concession/snack lunch type diner.
This building is close to the Silver Comet bike/walking Trail that runs 60+ miles from Mableton to the GA/AL line. The next closest towns before are both 30 miles away, and there's no convenience store or any place to be able to grab a bottle of water or pack of peanut crackers for energy. There's an Italian restaurant, Pizza/Hot Wings place, Bakery, and BBQ restaurant.  Maybe I'm stupid, but none of that sounds like anything I'd want if I was riding a bicycle any kind of a distance.

Here's Ryan looking for some perspective and taking his shot.

A nice alley way between a couple of the building in town. The rest of them are grown up, or piled up with junk and crap, so this one was a delight to see.


Trina said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I see pictures everywhere! My goal is to go out one morning and do just this - when I can play with the light. I keep looking at SLRs that I can stash until I have time to deal with film, so I totally see where he was coming from.

Maybe you just motivated me to take another morning off during this cool week!!

Melissa said...

Are you going to develop your own photos?

He may be upgrading to DSLR sooner than he thought. He didn't much like being limited to 24 pictures, and then he experienced sticker shock when he got them developed. Majority of them didn't come out well because he was learning/experimenting, but even to buy only a couple of them there was still a big processing charge.
A lot different from being able to take 1,000 shots to get one good one, and only paying 15¢ per digital print.

You should totally do a or some morning photo walks. Walking is good for you, and it's nice to slow down and look around you and take pics of what you see.

I'm all for giving kids cameras, too, I've been giving mine a camera since they were old enough to understand how to aim and snap I guess. So photo walks with the kids could be a fun summer - or, well, anytime - activity, too.

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