Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Good Day's Work

It started when J's partner at the station was given some cabinets from a motel renovation, and he decided he didn't want to use them in his garage, so he gave them J, and J decided he wanted to put at least some of them in the Outdoor Building (The Shed) we built to house our trailer, lawnmower, yard tools, ladders, etc.

Over the Winter and when we were cleaning around the back porch and carport for Kevin's graduation party, a lot of stuff got piled into (hidden in) the shed, and it looked like a good day to me to drag it all out and sort it and re-organize the whole thing.

This is the front of the shed, facing the road. It's supposed to look like a little old house, but we still need to trim out the "door" and I have some old doorknob hardware to replace the plain handle with, mirror-tint the windows (recycled from our house) and put a cupola or faux chimney on top. And the wood needs more aging.

I read on a website somewhere that hanging mirrors or mirrored windows on a garden shed or outdoor building reflects the surrounding scenery and fools the mind/eye into seeing..something, I forget now how it went.
Anyway, it seemed like a good idea, and fake windows are better here for two reasons: potential thieves can't see into the shed, plus that whole entire wall behind there is free space for hanging/organizing. I specifically planned it for hanging our really long ladders that had been living on the carport.

The inside wall behind the front. Got the ladders hung, and even had room for the trailer tailgate to hang up.

He brought home four of these cabinets but we decided to only put two of them up in that shed for things like  weed-eater string, small engine gas mix/oil, lawnmower repair/tune-up parts, stuff like that. The auto and home repair stuff like power tools and nuts/bolts/nails still live in the Tool shed off the carport. 
He's going to add some shelves in the space between the cabinets, too.

This shed wasn't really intended to house scrap wood and building materials, but right now it's the only place for it.  Ryan suggested we use the scrap wood to build a scrap wood shed, lol. I actually think that's a good idea!

When we do something or get somewhere else to put the tin roofing and scrap wood, that section there to the left is reserved for hanging garden tools like rakes, hoe, shovel, pitchfork, and such. 

Looks a hundred times better than it did before. I'm happy with it even if I did have to act like a fishwife and fight tooth and nail to get it done right. Argh.


Trina said...

Love it! I could use a shed since I currently only have a 2.5 car storage shed. So jealous! Looks great!

374's Wife said...

Very nice! I love the idea of it looking like an old house!

Fire Wife said...

Looks great!

Melissa said...


Yeah, we outgrew our 2 car carport and attached tool shed/storage room, so we seriously needed a lawnmower shed.
There used to be a little shed in this same spot when we moved here, but it was in bad shape so we tore it down. After we took down the Pool Shack, I had the idea to re-build another little shed like used to be there.

I forget why it went from building the original shed back, to me looking online for outdoor barn/shed ideas, but I found the idea of making it look like a little house.

I hope I don't regret it when the tax assessors come out and say, "Oh, hmm, a house. Value: $80,000.00 worth of additional property taxes!"

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