Sunday, July 08, 2012

Snowman Hat Winter Gift

Because, you know, who's not thinking about keeping warm right now? Haha!

But seriously, I ran across this idea some time ago, and although the original is made from card stock or something like from the craft store, my first thought was that it was a paint chip project. An easy paint chip project. I like easy.
My Paper Paradise
So I found these paint chips...uhhh, in my purse. Yeah, they were just in my purse, because you know I like to always be prepared with Paint Chips when I'm hungry and on the go...

The original instructions said to "chomp the corners", but I wasn't hungry at the moment so I just cut them.  (lol, I'm assuming it meant some paper crafting tool and machine that I don't have.)

I had a white chip, but no snow flake paper punching thing, and no way I could have free-hand cut one good enough, so I went digging in my craft-stuff-stash to see what else I had.

I had these little plastic snow flake ornaments:

Or sparkly pom-poms:

But mostly I have a bowl of holly/berry glitter/confetti that I bought some years back for another craft, and I swear the things keep multiplying, like rabbits.
Actually, that tells you how long ago I bought the things - when you actually got your money's worth of something.

I just used Elmer's school glue to glue it all together.

All I had was ziplock baggies, which were too big at the top so I cut the zip part off, and folded the baggie over and stapled it.

I didn't have any mini marshmellows. I'll get some if I actually decide to make any more of these around Christmas.

I think a snow flake embellishment would really better fit the theme of it being a snow man's hat, and the hot chocolate being for keeping warm on a snowy/cold day.


Amber said...

That is super cute!! Love it!

Melissa said...

Thanks :)

Trina said...

Those are adorable. And not to worry, for our chore charts, the counter samples just appeared in my kitchen one day. I get it! :D

Melissa said...

LOL, I love when things just appear like that. It's so helpful :)

Danielle said...

LOVE this! We are definitely going to be stocking up on those little paint cards! :) I swiped some a few weeks ago to use as food labels at my dd's birthday party. Can't beat free!

Melissa said...

Cool Danielle. Just be advised, some people get bent over the paint chip thing.

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