Saturday, August 04, 2012

Plant Day

was actually supposed to be yesterday, until I went to visit our compost bins looking for potting soil. Without throwing a big, huge rant, I'll just say, they weren't good.
I got the boys out there and we shoveled (and pulled plastic bags out) and watered. Hopefully we can get them back on track again.

The main thing I wanted to do was start sprouting some Cabbage seeds. I want to try to raise Cabbage again this (Fall) - last year I think we planted too late, after Harvest of the Spring/Summer garden. I read yesterday that I should have already been sprouting these in mid-late July and planting in late August.

I tried making a mini greenhouse out of 2-ltr plastic bottles, and that didn't work out at all. So I just put some garden soil in one of these plastic plant trays and dropped in the seeds, watered and covered with plastic wrap. Hopefully they'll sprout pretty quickly.

Otherwise, my Aloe plant had some "pups" that needed to get out on their own.

This Aloe plant is actually a child of an Aloe plant my DIL gave me a couple of years ago. When they grow "pups", alls you do is pluck them out and stick in dirt in another pot. I can't remember how many "pups" I harvested last year, more than 20, IIRC.  I took them to my Mom's at Thanksgiving and gave everyone a plant (or several).

Today I got 6 "pups" relocated to their own homes. There are still 4-5 more with the "Mom" that I think need to grow a little more before I pluck them out. One of the ones I replanted today was really small, but it had pulled loose when I pulled one of the bigger "pups" out, so I didn't want to waste it.

Back in May, I had cut some pink miniature roses from the ancient cemetery across the road to attempt to propagate. I read online where some people just stuck theirs into the ground and left them alone, others stuck them into the ground and covered with a glass mason jar.

I stuck mine into dirt in a pot, and hope that's close enough. I don't expect to see results until next Spring, but I think it might be a good sign that both the stems (stalks?) of the rose clippings are still green, and I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but there are some green leaves growing up out of the soil from the uncovered rose.

I also wanted to try growing one like my Grannie used to do it, which she did nothing more than clip a flower and stick it in a glass/jar of water.
I stuck it in the water and more or less forgot about it. I mean, I could see it sitting there, and considered a couple of times maybe I should change the water, but usually lost interest before I got around to it. I did add some water once when it got low, but that was it.

Despite my kind of care, it sprouted some mighty fine roots.

I went ahead and planted it in a pot of soil.

The real test will be if I can keep them alive through the winter.  Plants and gardening aren't a whole lot on my mind when it's cold and nasty outside.

I also replanted my Rosemary plant into a larger pot. I know some plants grow by the size of the pot they're in, how much room they have, or something like that.  It didn't seem to have grown any since I bought it, so I thought I'd try a bigger pot and see if that's what it needs.

I still find it kinda amazing that I've been able to work with plants.  I used to have such a black-thumb, plants would see me coming and go ahead and die to save us both the trouble.
I'll never be a Master Gardener, or anything even near, but this little bit I've been able to do is such an accomplishment for me.
Especially keeping that Aloe plant alive. I mean, I killed a Cactus and Air Plant. No joke, I did. An Air Plant. You know what an Air Plant needs? Air. Yeah. So I have no idea how I managed that one.


374's Wife said...

I wish I was able to grow things like that! I've always wanted an aloe plant, but never got one in fear that I'd kill it. Like I do every other plant/garden/flower I've ever had. I guess I missed out on the green thumb gene!

Melissa said...

I thought I had missed out on the green thumb gene, too! My Grannie could, and my Mom can stick anything into dirt and it'll grow like crazy!
Even my Dad can grow veggies, flowers, and fruit like it ain't nothing!

Luckily I'm stubborn and don't like to be defeated, so I keep on trying. I still lose more than I grow, but at least it's not 100% loss now! lol

Aloe plants are really easy, you water when the dirt is dry. They don't like too much hot sun, or very cold temps.
I leave mine out on the back porch in the summer, which gets the early morning sun, then is in the shade when the sun gets so got. Then I bring it inside to live on my kitchen windowsill in the winter.

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