Thursday, June 14, 2012

Panic Mode

Awhile back, Mariah @ Thee Fire Wife posted a T-shirt quilt/blanket quilt-along. Like many people - and it won't surprise you at all to know - t-shirts are another thing I hoard for sentimental reasons.
(Kinda strange to realize I'm such a "sentimental hoarder", when I never really considered myself to be a very sentimental person.)

Anyway, one of the first requirements was a flannel sheet. Which until a couple of days ago I didn't have, couldn't find one cheap, or not in a set.

Next requirement (maybe optional for some, but definitely not me) was a sewing machine.
I unearthed my machine from upstairs and dusted it off/out. Then I remembered the last time I tried using it, it had a problem with the bobbin thread tangling/jamming/breaking.
I found up some scrap material and gave it a go to see if maybe it had fixed itself over the years. Of course not. So I google'd, and located a Brother manual online, messed with it, and finally got it working right.

It's been a looooong time since I sewed anything...tried to sew...I never was very good at it to start with...So I knew I couldn't jump right in. I needed to try it out and practice.

Mariah's instructions were to cut, pin, and sew a square of t-shirt to a square of the flannel sheet. I used a nasty, ragged old T headed for the rag bin, and a scrap of regular material (not ready to cut up my flannel sheet yet). I cut, pinned, and sewed...and it did not go well.

I had read on some other sites that they used the fusible web backing on the t-shirt instead, making it stiffer, square-r and easier to sew to the other t-shirts.
I had some fusible web backing in my craft stash, so I cut out a square, ironed it on, and sewed it the first panel. It was a lot easier to sew, although my seam still didn't come out that spectacular.

Then I decided, okay, well I know I can make the panels, so I'll work on that. I sorted through the t-shirts I want to use for the blanket, and then picked the least important one, one I didn't really care if I messed it up.

I also decided that using an entire square of fusible backing was a waste, when all I really needed was to line the edges to sew the seams. So I cut strips of fusing and ironed them on around the edges.

This shirt had a front and a back, so I got a two-for-one out of it. 

The problem was when I went to cut up the other t-shirts. The more important ones. Panic set in.
What if I'm doing it wrong? What if the little strips of fusing doesn't work as well? What if I mess it up? What if? What if?

So, I'm stuck. I can't bring myself to cut up the other shirts.

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