Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is just a record of the things I pinned and did (or tried), because I forget.

This was actually just pre-Pinterest, but I saw the picture and got the idea for making tiny cakes using a muffin tin.

Around Thanksgiving of last year, J brought in some sweet potatoes that they had grown at the station and I wanted to try making a pie out of them. I google'd SPP recipes and Pinned several likely ones to a Board to try.

I don't remember the circumstance now, but it seems like we were somewhere, or something, and had gotten a sample, or piece of Gingerbread Cake. Ryan always liked the Little Debbie gingerbread cookies, but I don't think we'd ever had Gingerbread Cake before. We liked it, so I googled some recipes to try making our own.

When I don't have anything specific to look for, I just click "Everything" at the top of the Pinterest page and see what there is to see.

I found several links for Tips and Hints about Photography. I never knew how to be able to take a picture of my Christmas tree to show the lights before.

I learned an easier way to do the silhouettes without having the kid sit still while you trace their shadow on the wall.

Made some DIY Hummingbird feeders out of some Red bottles I had on hand.

I tried the idea of microwaving water and vinegar for easy cleaning my microwave. It didn't work all that great for me.

Tried this homemade French Vanilla Coffee creamer. J wasn't a fan of it, and I don't think it cost less than buying a bottle of store bought.
Tried making the mini Funnel cakes using a 6" round cookie cutter and condiment squeezer. Cookie cutter worked, condiment squeezer not so well.
J liked the Oreo Truffles, but Kevin didn't care for the taste of the cream cheese.

Ryan loved DQ's Frozen Hot Chocolate, so I looked for a recipe to try and make it at home. He said this one was good, but had kind of a weird aftertaste. I'm wondering if it's the sweetened-condensed-milk he's not liking, or J's not liking in the coffee creamer.
We didn't like the taste of the Chocolate-Banana "ice cream" at.all.
I saw where someone claimed that a Mason jar will fit in place of a blender pitcher, making it easier to make 1 serving smoothies. Sure enough, a little Mason jar screwed right into mine. Although, I didn't actually try to blend anything with it on there.


Ryan found this idea for wrapping chocolate chips in crescent rolls to make like "chocolate pies". They liked them.
J brought a couple of zucchini squash in from the garden this morning. I planned to slice and freeze them, like I did the ones from last week, but then this recipe for zucchini chips came across on Pinterest, so I gave it a try. J declared it a success.

And this caused a spat between me and the ol' man this morning. Because he's a jerk.

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