Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been a pretty rough week around here, but we (by we, I mean J and the boys) managed to get R's other new window installed.

I'll get around to painting them one of these days. In the meantime, I washed his blinds.

I didn't read up on hints for washing blinds lately, but several years ago I read a suggestion about putting them in the bathtub and run hot water and add bleach. I can't remember what happened when I tried that before, but for whatever reason, I nixed that idea this time.

Instead, we built a frame out of some scrap lumber and I hung them up and sprayed them with the water hose, sprayed on Scrubbing Bubbles bathtub cleaner....I love that stuff, it cleans my tub better than anything else I've tried....wiped with a rag, then hosed them off and left them hang to dry.  Mucho easier, for me.

Today we had a couple of errands to run, on no particular time schedule, so we fit some yard-sale'ing in along the way.
First off, J shops like I (used to/still do sometimes) - he was buying stuff he didn't need and most likely probably won't ever use, "because the price was too good not to".  *cough*dresser*Pyrex*cough*
He told me he didn't like yard-sale'ing with me because I wouldn't let him buy stuff.

He still managed to come away with all this: a pair of bicycling gloves $2.00 (he tried to buy a bicycle gel seat, too. I said, you don't ride a bike. He said he's going to start. I've heard that same claim for years, so I don't believe it), a tackle-box-belt for $1.00, the propane camping stove for $5.00 (we don't camp, ever), old tin snips $1.00 (we don't have any tin), a combination square $1.00 (Pawpaw used to have one just like it), a turkey caller for 25¢ and the electric knife for $1.00.

The route we were taking, going to my cousin's house, took us right through J's fire zone, and gah, I think he knew every person at every house we stopped at through there. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk....

I only found a couple of deals today: a set of old Made in Japan S&P shakers. I don't know if they are vintage or anything about them, I don't know much about S&P shakers but I have a large collection of them that I thought I had stopped adding to...but these looked old, and were only 25¢.

And a set of #502, #503 "Crazy Daisy" or "Spring Blossom" Pyrex refrigerator dishes, with their lids.
This set I believe would go for at least $25 in a re-sale store. I told myself I wasn't going to pay more that $2.00 for them...although I might have been fibbing to myself if she'd said, say, $5.00. But I really thought she'd say more like $10.00.
She says " about 50¢ for both?"

How about, SOLD!


Trina said...

My dad has those dishes. In fact, I borrowed the bowl in that color, with that print last weekend when I could not find my dishes!!! We are not rummagers. I am afraid I would buy too much stuff I don't need, so I stick to Craigslist when I am looking for something in particular.

Melissa said...

You are so right about that, Trina!

I had stopped going to yard sales and thrift stores very much the past few years, because I kept buying stuff I didn't need. I'm bad to add to "collections" that I didn't even really mean to start.

Salt and pepper shakers for example.
I don't - didn't - collect Pyrex either.

All I really wanted was to be able to find some things to be able to do some of the crafty projects I see on Pinterest, LOL.

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