Thursday, June 14, 2012


Prior to my last post, I was impatient to get on with my project. I didn't want to practice any more, I didn't want to waste what little fusing webbing I had on practicing.
But more than that, I didn't want to mess up my project, so I had no choice.

I dug out a few generic, worn old t-shirts I'd culled from one of the boys' t-shirt supply and cut, ironed, and sewed.

I didn't do toooo badly, for a first try, I guess. Some of the seams didn't match up, and I didn't pay attention to the direction of the print of the camo panel.

(Wow, that is ugly!)
Next I thought I'd try fixing a back on it, as practice. I still didn't want to cut up my flannel sheet, so I went looking for some or a piece of material big enough.
I didn't have any big enough, but I have a box of material my Mom gave me, that belonged to my Grannie (who passed away in 1994).

Grannie could sew, beautifully. Both Grannie's could. So can my Mom and my Sister. If my sister can sew, I dang well should be able to as well, or better.
Especially now. Used to there was all kinds of things I couldn't do, that I could do when I got older, like make biscuits, keep flowers/plants alive, raise a garden, can stuff from the garden, make jelly. Therefore, I should be able to sew now, too.

Anyway, I got the box out to start looking though the materials....and 18 years later, it still smells like Grannie.  I couldn't even look at the material because I kept holding it to my face and inhaling.

Also in the box was some cloth napkins/hankies she'd made, or was working on.

I'd like to use those cloth napkins with the antique dining room suit she gave me, but I don't want to wash her scent out of them.

The hankie and the flower-embroidered-what-ever-it-is are a delicate material with perfect, straight, tiny stitches. So lovely.

Anyway, I was getting no where, so I just folded it all back up and stuck it back in the box.

Some times I'm more creative than other times....apparently this isn't one of those times. I give up. Maybe next week.

I think I'll go back to my getting-rid-of-stuff project for the time being.
Except, tomorrow I'm going thrifting.


Amber said...

You're about 1000x more resourceful and crafty than me!! I ilke the idea of tshirt quilt. Actually, that sounds really comfy. Might be a good way to use up that stock of old running shirt mah boo can't seem to get rid of.

Except for the fact I can't sew worth a shit....
lol :)

Melissa said...

Heh, join the club.

I can't make clothes and stuff, but this should just be sewing in straight lines, not that complicated. Mine kept turning and running out from under the needle.

With old, worn t-shirts on the front, and a flannel bed sheet backing, I'm thinking it would be really comfy, and nice and warm come Winter.

Trina said...

We are thinking of doing that with all of our t-s and sweatshirts from HS and college...but with my m-i-l doing the quilting - her passion since retirement. I am finding that I am not at alllllll crafty, no matter how i try, so I say bravo!

Melissa said...

It's a great way to preserve something(s) you don't want to part with. Maybe one of the best. Who doesn't love a nice blanket/quilt to keep you warm and safe.
Too bad everything we want to keep can't be made into something like that.

I saw your weekly dinner planner, so I know you're not not at all crafty.

But I personally classify sewing as a different thing than crafting. Kind of like....portrait painting. Not everybody can do it.

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