Sunday, February 08, 2015

Go Smudge Yourself

Recently I took a personality test/indicator, and my type turned out to be INTP (which explains a lot).

More about that later, but as applies to this post, basically this:
I've struggled with the....unexplainable for most of my adult life. Religion being the biggie, ghosts/spirits, majick and various other forms of woo-woo and hoo-doo-ery.

I've personally seen and/or experienced some, as far as I can determine, pretty unexplainable things in my life.
  • INTPs are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic - in fact, they are considered the most logically precise of all the personality types.
Unrelenting logic is dead on.
Probably one of my most-used phrases is, "That's not even logical!". Sometimes I say, "That don't even make sense!", but means the same thing.

Logical thinking/processing isn't something I do, it's more like something that happens. 
Lot of the time I don't even know it's happening...until an anomaly catches my attention.

I don't...process the unexplainable very well. Unexplained things don't make sense. I need things to make sense, so I look for a logical explanation.

"What was that noise?" 
"What was that flash of light?"
"What did I see out of the corner of my eye?"
"What the f--- is the cat staring at??"

Sometimes I figure out the answers - something fell. A reflection of a car passing by. Probably a nerve twitch in my eye.

And other times, I never do find an answer.
Not that that doesn't mean there isn't one. Just that I can't find it.

Or, maybe there isn't one. Maybe there are things that can't be explained.
Or, rather, just can't be proven.

I wrestle with the subject almost constantly.
To be(lieve), or Not to be(lieve).

I'm sure if I hadn't experienced things personally I wouldn't believe.
Heck, I have experienced things personally, and I still have a hard time believing.
Probably there's a logical explanation of what happened.

So, even though a lot of the things don't seem to have a logical or factual explanation, I feel it necessary to keep an open mind about unknown or unexplained things.

With that likely rambling and over-long explanation, I'll get to my point.

In my last post I talked about how much I/we had gotten accomplished during the month of January, and that it had been a good month.

It had been a good month as far as meeting my personal goal(s) and not letting the cold weather get to me, making me depressed and lethargic and all.

But, other ways, it wasn't that good of a month at all.

It seemed like a lot of things we tried to do was a huge pain in the ass.
Projects wouldn't go as planned, have to be re-done sometimes.
New problems with the house found while trying to fix old ones.
I was trying to Save money, extra expenses kept popping up.
I found out our camper roof had started leaking.
J was dealing with his Dad's illness, the nursing home, insurance, finances. He took some days off work, and was home more than usual.
R's car projects kept going wrong. Forgot to get up for work one morning - like his second or third day on his new job!!

We were all like, "Damn! Damn! This is how 2015 is going to go? Take it back!"

I kept trying to remain positive. Concentrate on the good - ignore the bad. It's bound to get better, right?

At one point I made a comment to the effect of that I needed to "Smudge the place". 

Essentially, a smudge ritual or a smudge ceremony is performed to correct the energy in a home, in an office, in an object, or even in a person.

I had learned about smudging some time ago, at another pretty bad time in our life.
I didn't know if I really believed in such a thing, but was desperate enough to order some smudge sticks off ebay.

I never did light them that time. I think I just waved them around the room and said "Go away, bad energy." (Obviously I was really into it, lol.)
I can't recall what happened after that, but I'm supposing things turned better.

In which case, I suppose I didn't believe the sage sticks had anything to do with anything, since I hadn't done it right, but things got better anyway.

So, anyway, at some point last month, I made that comment, but didn't actually follow through, and just hoped whatever bad mo-jo would pass.

Then there was the day....I was working on my Putz houses near the fireplace in the livingroom.
I'd get up and go to the kitchen to wash out my paintbrush, to get a drink, whatever.
When I came back into the livingroom, I'd be looking...different directions, no where in particular - ahead, to the side, down.

That day, every time I returned to the livingroom, something there in the corner where the gun cabinet and the china cabinet nearly meet kept catching my attention.
From the side of my eye, I'd see something. Some one? Standing? there.

But of course when I jerked my eyes over to see (what? who?), there was nothing (no one) there.

Of course I pooh-pooh'ed it, saying it was probably a reflection in the glass.
Probably it was, even though it didn't happen the next day, nor has it since.

The next thing that happened, I didn't witness or experience myself, but it was so out of the ordinary, and timely, it's kind of hard to just dismiss out of hand.

Two days after whatever was going on in the livingroom, my youngest son had taken a plate of food and a glass of sweet tea up to his room, as usual.
He sat the plate and drink on a side table and turned/stepped away to sit down. At which point his tea glass fell off the table, and shattered to pieces - pretty much exploded apart a few feet in every direction - when it hit floor, despite landing on carpeting.

Of course I asked, had he set it too close to the edge of the table? Did he bump or knock the table when he turned away? 
He showed me where he'd set the glass, by the plate, not close to the edge of the table.
He'd turned and stepped away from the table, not to or beside it, to have to bumped or rocked it.

The...weird thing was, after the glass had fell, he'd come back downstairs to get towels to clean it up, he told me grumpily, "I think there's something in this house that don't belong."

I hadn't even mentioned my experience - of what I figured was probably a reflection or something equally explainable - in the livingroom to him or anyone else.

I'm still not sure what happened with the glass of tea, but whatever, that was the last straw. Enough was enough.

Hokey-pokey-hoo-doo or not, I decided it couldn't hurt anything to try the smudging ritual.

I apologize to my great Ancestors in advance - no disrespect intended - but I'm probably the least....ceremonial person there is.

The red bird bowl and the turkey feather doesn't has any more particular meaning than, it's what I had.

I lit the white sage smudge stick and started in the corner at the front door, moving clockwise around the room, and downstairs floor.
Upstairs doesn't have a circle floor plan, so I did my best.

I waved the smudge-smoke with the feather, intoning random chanting:
"Bad energy, leave this place. Only good energy allowed in this space."
"Bad, bad, go away, we only want good here today."
"Out with the negative, bad, painful, soul-sucking, evil energy. Only good, prosperous, helpful, loving energy is welcome here." 

I did the entire house, and even out in the carport, back porch, around our cars, campers, and what I could out in the yard around the outbuilding.  Just in case.

I did the Smudging on January 31st.
It's now February 8th, and maybe it's just coincidence, but things have really turned around this week.

J's Dad was moved to a better facility, and the financial issues were cleared up - like magic. No joke.
J's shifts at work fell to where he was at work more than at home (always a good thing).
R's work on his car started working out with no issues. Things he'd been trying to do, giving him trouble, suddenly went exactly like they were supposed to. 
One unexpected bill came in the mail, but turns out it's one I already paid. My payment wasn't applied for some reason, but I'll call tomorrow and get it taken care of.
I received a $50 rebate gift card in the mail. It's always nice to get money instead of bills.

There's coincidence, then there's coincidence.
I mean, what are the odds, that after a whole month - 31 straight days of aggravation and irritations - that I'd wave around some burning sage and things turn better as soon as the next day, for no reason? 

If it's not simply coincidence, then it's unexplainable. 

Or, maybe it is completely explainable, by things we - people - simply aren't able to explain.

I'm open to there being...things outside the realm of our world or whatever.
But I need to be able to see/prove/explain the things.
Otherwise, my mind continues to reject the things as making no sense.

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