Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Go Smudge Yourself: The Clif Notes

(Summary of my rambling, long-winded previous post.)

In my last post I talked about how much I/we had gotten accomplished during the month of January, and that it had been a good month.

It had been a good month as far as meeting my personal goal(s) and not letting the cold weather get to me, making me depressed and lethargic and all.

But, other ways, it wasn't that good of a month at all.

It seemed like a lot of things we tried to do was a huge pain in the ass.
Projects wouldn't go as planned, have to be re-done sometimes.
New problems with the house found while trying to fix old ones.
I was trying to Save money, extra expenses kept popping up.
I found out our camper roof had started leaking.
J was dealing with his Dad's illness, the nursing home, insurance, finances. He took some days off work, and was home more than usual.
R's car projects kept going wrong. Forgot to get up for work one morning - like his second or third day on his new job!!

 I decided it couldn't hurt anything to try the smudging ritual.

I lit the white sage smudge stick and started in the corner at the front door, moving clockwise around the room, and downstairs floor.
Upstairs doesn't have a circle floor plan, so I did my best.

I waved the smudge-smoke with the feather, intoning random chanting:
"Bad energy, leave this place. Only good energy allowed in this space."
"Bad, bad, go away, we only want good here today."
"Out with the negative, bad, painful, soul-sucking, evil energy. Only good, prosperous, helpful, loving energy is welcome here." 

I did the entire house, and even out in the carport, back porch, around our cars, campers, and what I could out in the yard around the outbuilding.  Just in case.

I did the Smudging on January 31st.
It's now February 8th, and maybe it's just coincidence, but things have really turned around this week.

J's Dad was moved to a better facility, and the financial issues were cleared up - like magic. No joke.
J's shifts at work fell to where he was at work more than at home (always a good thing).
R's work on his car started working out with no issues. Things he'd been trying to do, giving him trouble, suddenly went exactly like they were supposed to. 
One unexpected bill came in the mail, but turns out it's one I already paid. My payment wasn't applied for some reason, but I'll call tomorrow and get it taken care of.
I received a $50 rebate gift card in the mail. It's always nice to get money instead of bills.

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