Thursday, October 02, 2014

Halloween Decorating

Well, I hung on to Summer to the last.

I didn't do anything...I had wanted to go on another or two overnights in the camper, or at least day trips to somewhere, a park or waterfalls or somewhere, to enjoy the last of the Good ol' Summertime....but between work and working on the house, didn't happen.

But I didn't decorate for Fall early.

*And Fall didn't come early.
Typically in late September we'll have a chilly spell where I'll have the heat turned on. So far, I haven't even turned my electric blanket on.
Sounds like that'll be changing soon, though, as our forecast has it getting down to 39* Saturday night.*

Anyhoo, whatever the temps are, October 1st is the 1st Day of Halloween.
Halloween decorating day.

Little Scary Dude got some eyeballs this year. Found a package of them at the Dollar Tree last week.

Branches from the burn pile. I found some tiny pumpkin LED lights at Dollar Tree.
Stretched some spider-webbing over the old window from our house and put a scary spider on it.

The girls.

The Jack O'lantern patch.


The sweetheart cabinet.

What?! There's no candy in the candy jars! Eeeeeek! That's scary!

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