Monday, August 25, 2014

Yard Sale

I've been working this week (actually a lot longer, but you can actually see progress now) on getting ready to have my Yard Sale.

"Why do you keep calling it a Yard Sale, when you're not having it in the yard?"

Garage Sale then. Whatever. Gah.

We have one big work table, and set up another couple made out of plywood and sawhorses. I bought some cheap plastic tablecloths at -

Nope, not the Dollar Tree!
I was at Walmart so I checked their prices and they have the same cheap tablecloths for 97¢, three cents cheaper than DT.
Even better, they had multi 3-packs for $2.47 which made them 82¢ each.

I hung (hanged?) my Ikea mosquito netting in the carport opening since we don't have garage doors.
Not to keep mosquitoes out, because that's pretty much impossible, but mostly to try to block the worst of the rain (if it rains), night time Dew, the majority of leaves and debris that blows in, and cats.

The netting is working pretty good, the stuff I've put out already looks like it did when I set it out there, nice and clean, not even any dust.

I've been working on cleaning the stuff up and trying to organize it for selling, but I'm already running out of room, and this is only about half the stuff. I still have at least this much if not more to go. 

I end up getting overwhelmed when I think of all the stuff that's still left. I tell myself, 'Don't worry about that, Deal with one thing at a time', but I find myself going in circles, moving this, carrying that away, relocating something else. I feel like I spend half my time doing the same thing(s) over and over.


It's stressing me out, needing everything to be 'just so'.
Other people can just decide to have a yard sale, haul the stuff outside, and voila', yard sale.
Me, it's this huge ordeal.

Not to mention, most everything is filthy from being stacked and stored for so long. I'm having to go through everything one thing at a time and wash and dry it. 

R asked me earlier what if someone stole my yard sale stuff (tonight, when we're gone to bed), and I told him that would be great, a huge favor and a real blessing.

A few days ago I was seriously about thisclose to posting on Freecycle for someone to just come get it all. (There have been several people posting in the Free and Garage Sale sites lately saying they will take yard sale leftovers or ANYTHING anyone is wanting to get rid of.) (They say ANYTHING, but then ask for a picture of the stuff. I guess if it's junk, nothing they can re-sell, they don't want it, but then they shouldn't say ANYTHING.)

Anyway, I talked myself out of it because my Frugal and Money Saver leaders and peeps would be so disappointed. (One of the ways to be frugal is to earn money by selling things you have or have acquired.)

However, I did give away 2 carloads of (what was basically garbage) today.

One was a good sized load of empty jars, containers, cans, buckets, and the take-out trays with lids I use for greenhouses during seeding season.  I still have some, I had just collected up too many and didn't want to throw them in the dump if someone else had any use for them.

The other was a pile of old printers, satellite dishes, an old VCR, PS3, DSL modem, and a vacuum cleaner, most of which worked anymore, or if it did, not well. I posted them in case someone with more technical knowledge than myself could do something with them.

I'm kinda liking this getting rid of stuff.

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