Thursday, August 28, 2014

Almost My Last Day Alive

Someone literally tried to kill me today.

I was headed to pick up my oldest son and had stopped for a red light. When I started off again, something went wrong with the car and it wouldn't shift out of first gear.
I was pushing the gas, letting off the gas, nudging the shifter. Nothing worked, I couldn't go over like 25 mph, and the RPM was up around 5. (The red line *Danger* starts at 6.)

Where I was, I couldn't pull over and get off the road, but there was a turn lane ahead I was trying to reach. I got over to the right as far as I could, but the thing is, I was on a freaking 4-lane highway. Not like I was blocking the entire road, okay.

Then I hear "HOOOOOOOOOONK" and look up in my rear-view and this asshole's hood is nearly inside the back of the car. I wouldn't be surprised if it was pressed against the spare tire mounted on the back, pushing me along.

I started looking for the e-flashers to indicate that I was having trouble, but I was in Ryan's car and didn't know where they were, and I was so upset and distraught at that point I was having a hard time seeing anything clearly.

I'm still going along, trying to get the car to shift, trying to find the e-flashers, when I look up to see the asshole behind me, in front of me.
This jerk passed me, cut over in front of me, and slammed on their brakes!!

WTF? Who does something like that?

I would hope that they were upset with me holding them up because they had a dire emergency they were trying to get to - maybe their Mama was choking on a dog bone while riding a horse naked - but since they took the time to TRY TO KILL ME, I doubt it.

After they slammed on their brakes and tried to make me hit them, they zoomed away furiously, no doubt pleased as punch with their little antic. Asshole.

I would say Karma would take care of it for me, but Karma probably bites them everyday - for them to act like that, they must obviously live a miserable, shitty daily existence - but they're too stupid to figure out they cause their own misery.
I hope they melt into a puddle of a snot-like substance on the sidewalk of Walmart.

Anyway. (I pulled over and turned off the car and waited a minute then cranked it back up and went on without further problems.) I made it to pick up D and we went to the Food Giveaway at a local church.

I was complaining to D about my Yard Sale ordeal, so he decided to come home with me this weekend and help me.

I got a few more things put out, but still not all, and I never did get around to washing up the clothes or rigging a hanging place for them.

But it's on for tomorrow, like it or not, he took pictures and posted on Craigslist (for 7-freaking-am! I usually don't get up until 7am).
He also got the signs made and ready to hang out in the morning.

We were out back washing the plastic patio furniture with the water hose and I was getting eaten alive by skeeters. I told him it was his fault.
He said, without me, you'd still be standing in there "overwhelmed", not getting anything done.
I said, without you, I could have put this off for another week.

I don't know what's up, but I really, seriously don't want to do this Yard Sale. I dread it like I dread going to the dentist.

I say, welp, at least it'll be over and done and I won't have to worry about it anymore. But I need to worry about it, because I should be having a couple yard sales a year.
I *obtain* a lot of stuff; people know we'll take pretty much anything they want to get rid of, and I could (should) be turning that into some extra cash for things we need, like working on the house and paying bills.

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