Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Rambling

I hope everyone's been enjoying their Summer/August. I have been, although not as much as I would've liked.

School has started back around here - the County next to us started back the first week of August - and it seems like everyone said, like, oh well, Summer's over, bring on the Pumpkin Everything.

I have to admit, I used to be the same way, hurrying from one thing to the next. School started, Summer's over, bring on the Fall. Okay, Halloween's done, bring on the Christmas. Okay, Eff this cold Winter crap, bring on the Springtime.....

I'm sure I'll still feel that way about Winter, but Summer, noooo.
People are wishing away and wasting a whole month of perfectly good, get out and have some big time fun weather.
I know it's hot, but that's the best temperature for playing in a pool, creek, lake, or at a beach.

The other day I was reading a funny-but-true list someone had compiled on one of the sites, buzzfeed maybe, to the effect of words that have different meaning in the South.
One of them was AC.
Typical meaning, short for air conditioning. In the South, "A device sent from God and something you can't live without".

I hear the same kind of thing from other people, younger Southerners, or people who've moved here to the South from Elsewhere.
I laugh because it wasn't that long ago that even here in the South - with 90* temps, 1000% humidity, deadly Pollen counts, and mosquitoes as big as airplanes - we didn't have air conditioning in our homes or cars.

I grew up in the 1970's running barefoot in the Summer, all the doors and windows of the house stayed open all the time, box fans blowing. Car windows were always left down (didn't matter if it rained, there weren't any cloth seats or carpet floors).

I was a teenager when my parents got our first window unit a/c - and put it in their bedroom! LOL.

Anyway, after our recent roadtrip/vacation, along with J's extreme cut in hours from the ambulance, we're not able to go and do too much now.
I reckon after buying school clothes and supplies, others are probably in about the same shape.

But the good thing is we've been making some pretty good progress around here as far as our house projects.
Well, the carport project.
We got a set of attic steps installed and most of the OSB ceiling put up, all except for a couple of small 4-inch by 8-feet sections.

Got a door I wanted installed, and cleaned out/off the carport and back porch, getting rid of a lot of stuff.

I've started pulling together the stuff I want to Yard Sale.
I had hoped to have my Yard sale this weekend, but I felt bad yesterday and didn't do anything so I got behind.
Next weekend is Labor Day weekend, and I'm not sure how good it is to have Yard Sale on a Holiday weekend. Most people might be going to the Lake or out of town for their one last Summer hoo-rah.

Last Friday I went and picked up my oldest son and we went to a free food give away at a food pantry.  One of the items we got was a dozen avocados.

I've never had avocados, or ate or cooked with or made anything with them, but my son said they make guacamole out of them, so I looked up a recipe and tried to make some guacamole.

Turned out most of the avocados were brown inside. J said they were over ripe. I found one that was green, and one that was mostly green, but when I mixed up the guac, it was a yucky brown color.

J said it tasted "over ripe" and wasn't too good so we dumped it.

We had gotten four tomatoes (and a couple of Serrano chili and one Datil pepper) from the garden and I used one tomato in the failed guacamole, J ate one on a "mater samwich" and I used the others to make another batch of Pico de Gallo. 

J kept making comments about not being able to taste the peppers in the last batch, so I left some of the seeds in the peppers this time and he was able to taste fire this time.

It "opened up his sinuses", "caused drainage into his gut," and "made him sick".
I'll probably end up dumping this batch, too.

I saw this project on Pinterest:

And thought it looked like a good idea for a filing cabinet we had gotten free recently, along with a bag of those same green file folders.

Mine didn't work out as neatly as hers. And I still had a lot that were too bulky/heavy to be able to go in at all.  Oh well.

Otherwise, I went one day down to my Mom's (local) house and helped her start cleaning things out and getting it ready to go on the market to sell.

My oldest son's fiancee' asked me if I knew where they could get a couch (I've only told her about Freecycle a thousand million times, but there you go, that's what I was talking about, people that apparently aren't capable of doing the simplest things for themselves), so I made a Wanted post on Freecycle to see if anyone had one they wanted to get rid of.

So happened a man's wife had bought new livingroom furniture and they had a couch still in very nice condition they needed to get rid of anyway, so me and J went and picked it up and delivered it to my son's.

Another project I was able to tackle was scanning some old family photos.
I've been working on this for a long time, but it gets so boring after awhile, I lose interest and go find something - anything - else to do.

This batch of pics was mostly of my Dad's Mom.
I came across this pic of my Granny and my Dad (ca. 1950-1):

I guess Gran didn't read the "Clothesline Rules" about hanging your undies out of sight, lmao! 

Seriously, though, 1940/50's? I wouldn't have thought under garments, especially ladies undies, would have been hung (hanged) out in public view.

I reckon my assumptions are based on old tv shows I used to watch, "Andy Griffith", "Happy Days", "Leave It to Beaver", "Father Knows Best", "Ozzy and Harriet", etc.
I can't imagine any of those TV Moms hanging their delicates out in the yard...but "The Waltons" Granny probably did, lol.

My clothesline is all-5-lines-full today.
I usually wash a load every day or two, but oddly, this week, none of the piles got full enough to wash until they all did about the same time. So I had 4 regular size loads to wash today, plus I pulled off the bedsheets to wash while I was at it anyway.

Okay then, guess I've rambled on long enough.
Off to wash some dishes and try to work on organizing the Yard Sale thing.

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