Saturday, March 01, 2014

Not Much to Post About

Picture, if you will,  pages of days flying off a calendar, which is pretty much how it is around here.
Seems like I get up, go to bed, get up, go to bed.

In between, I might eat once or twice, might get a chore like dishes or laundry done. If J is home we (he) might get some little bit of the new kitchen remodel knocked out. Like maybe 15 minutes worth that takes us a couple hours.

We started off the project doing really well. I actually had imagined we might be through the majorest parts of the project by the end of January.
Ha. Ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha.

I haven't even taken any pictures of the work. I'm going to regret it later probably, but at the moment, just not feeling it.
And everything is a disaster, not an awesome photographic DIY project.

I have been working on a couple de-hoarding projects on some of the warmer days.

I had been hoarding cardboard boxes in the upstairs enclosed front porch, because sometimes I sell things on ebay, or need a box to wrap a gift in or whatever, so whenever we'd get a package or an item that came in a box, I'd throw the box out on the porch.
A couple days ago I got up there and did about a 50/50 clean out, throwing out about half the boxes (which still left me more than plenty).

Yesterday we moved three of the kitchen base cabinets, which I had to clean out to move.
One was my Tupper/plastic-ware cabinet, one was pots and pans, and the other was glass pans/cookware and water bottles. Holy cow I didn't realize I had so many water bottles.

I had previously scaled down my pots and pans inventory, but I still had some that I just rarely/never use, so out they went.
And the Tupper/plastic-ware, not sure how it happens, I ended up with a couple bowls with no lids, but oddly this time I've ended up with about ten Tupperware lids missing bowls. Crazy!

I still have all the water bottles and 3 kitchen drawers to sort through that I am not looking forward to at.all. The drawers are where most of the "I don't know what to do with this so I'll with it later" things get stuck and I usually don't know what to do with the things later, either.

I've also been making some pretty good progress with piling things up for a yard sale - that I intend on having this year. I mean it.
Sometimes I have to touch things three or four times, but I've gotten better about letting more things go eventually.

Nothing too exciting with the weather since the big snow and ice storms we had a couple weeks ago.
We've had a couple more "Possible Chance of Winter Weather!!!!!" fakecasts that amounted to exactly nothing, and a night of potential severe weather, though it didn't get bad here, it did to the West and East of us.

Guess that's about it for now.

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