Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why I Can't Ever Get Anything Done

Does this kind of thing ever happen to you? Probably the reason I have like eleventy-million incomplete projects.

I got a reminder from my Web Domain Registrar that one of my Domain names was coming up for renewal. It's actually my Dad's domain name for his Hunting Club website that I had made for him.

One of the several websites I have made for him over the years. Another one was for his MC (motorcycle club), but his Bros weren't terribly excited about there being a website, so we took it down. And, eventually, I let the Domain name expire. I figured, eh, it was available the first time I got it, probably no one else will get it.
Recently, for whatever reason I can't exactly recall at the moment, I decided I didn't want to risk losing it, so while I was re-upping his Hunting Club domain, I decided to go ahead and get the MC domain name back.

Nope, someone else already got it. Dag-nab it all!

Well, they only registered the .com, so I went ahead and register the .net, and the .us version was on sale for 98¢ so I got it, too.

I typed in the address of the new domain name(s), and it's advertising my domain name registrar, and saying something to effect of, the domain was recently registered and the owner is probably working on creating a great new website so check back soon, yadda yadda.

Which, of course, I was not creating a great new website. So then I felt like I needed to create...something.

So I pulled up my old files and found the old website, and thought maybe I could just do a one-pager, with the MC name, patch photo, and motto, and no other info.

But the front page I had created, didn't look right. It's been awhile since I created it, since I used to know (kinda) how to write html and css and design my own webpages, before they got too complicated, and I got lazy and went with templates and blogger.

Anyway, I eventually figured out the page looks fine in Internet Explorer, but not Chrome or Firefox, and I have no clue how to fix it.

While I was sitting here attempting to figure all that out, I was listening to a couple of the music files playing on the website.
"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, and "Knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's door" by Bob Dylan, from sometime back in the 1970's, playing on the "Fallen Brothers" page, which also had on it a few pictures of some of the guys back in the 1970's.

Having been born in '67, I was a kid growing up in the '70's.
Whenever I think back to the 70's, my kidhood, a lot of my memories have music attached. Or, hearing an old song will bring back a lot of memories from my kidhood.
We didn't watch television too much, but it seems like there was almost always music playing. On the stereo, or the car radio.
I have a hard time remembering a lot of the songs just right off the top of my head, but once I hear them, I remember, and it amazes me sometimes, at the sheer amount of songs I really do know, and can even recall some of the lines to. Usually the chorus, the catchy parts.
And the variety of it all - country, rock, pop, blues, beach, even 50's.

Anyhow. Coincidentally, while I was sitting here mulling over the possibility of fixing the webpage, listening to Bob Dylan, I took a break and clicked back over to FB to see what new had been posted, and a page I follow, Retro Wifey, had posted a picture of a Debby Boone barbie doll.

"You li-i-i-i-i-ight up my-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y li-i-i-i-i-i-i-fe."

Oh yes, I had the record. (Might still do.)

Well, naturally, I needed to download a digital copy of it to have, because. I needed to. So off I went to youtube to find it.
Found a good copy and (You Tube Downloader'd/Converted) it.

Then there was all these suggestions for similar music, from the same genre, era (or remakes), and I kept seeing songs that I had forgotten I remembered. I had to download them all. 
Haha, not even nearly all.

I used to put this record on the stereo and me and my sister would dance wildly and sing at the top of our lungs - "Judy in disguise - WITH GLASSES!!!!!!!"

Hahahaha, good times.

Oh, I did get the original domain name renewed. Only took me like ten hours.


Prudent Wisdom said...

OMW!! I am the SAME way, lol. Welcome to the club!!

Melissa said...

LOL, oh well, it keeps things from getting boring, that's for sure.

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