Monday, March 03, 2014

One Nice Spring-like Day

Yesterday was a warm, sunny, nice, warm, gorgeous, warm day.

J came in yesterday morning from working a 48 (24 FD/24 amb) and went to bed, and I took a nice, window-down ride to the grocery store.

When I got back J was up and asked what I wanted to do, as far as the kitchen remodel work. But we ended up deciding since it was so nice out, but would be ugly again later in the week, we'd go find something to do outside instead.

The yard has been covered with leaves since last Fall.
My Grannie used to (and my older neighbors still do) rake up the leaves into piles and burn them. I should ask my neighbors if there's a particular reason they do it, or what. Maybe too many leaves piles on the grass kills the lawn?
Anyway, after reading a "story" that appealed to me although I can't swear as to it's accuracy, we've started just leaving the leaves on the ground through most of the Winter. Then yesterday J got out on his mower and chopped them up all over the yard, to 'mulch'.

This is probably the last time we'll mow again until late Spring, maybe early Summer, depending on the weather.
When the weather finally starts turning off warmer, this will grow into a nice buffet for the bees.

While J mowed, me and Kevin messed with the Tater Condos.
Last year, after I found out we were never going to have enough dirt to keep these things going, I just sort of gave up and let them go. Grow what they would, or wouldn't.

We had gone down sometime in the Fall after the plants had to died to see if we'd managed to grow any potatoes, but something happened, can't remember what, but we never did get to it.
I wasn't too worried because, for one, I doubted we'd actually grew any potatoes, but for another I figured if we did they would be safe enough stored in the dirt, like a root cellar of sorts.

So yesterday me and Kev started shoveling out one of the bins to relocate the dirt to another spot, and sure enough there were some potatoes.
He didn't think too much of them, because they didn't look like the ones we buy at the store.

If I try growing potatoes again this year, I'll definitely stick with the 4x4 condo, or maybe I'll just buy a clothes basket!

*Although I get weather updates on my FB wall, it's a lot of "maybe" this, "chance of" that, and I pretty much skim it and forget it.  So, I didn't have any idea it was supposed to be as nice as it was yesterday.

At one point I saw my weather app on my Desktop said it was 72*, but the word "Alert" was lit up in red at the top. I thought, "Hm, warm as it is, we may be in for some storms", and clicked to see what was going on.
To my surprise, it was a Freeze Watch for tonight.  Well. That escalated quickly. lol.

Woke up to rain today, but I like it. Some rainy days I just enjoy.
It's hard to explain, but it's grey, dreary, foggy, rainy/drizzly, and chilly out there. But in here it's warm and I've got lamps turned on. I looove lamp light on rainy days. Making it warm and dry and just comfy-cozy.
I think I'll have some tomato soup and grilled cheese for supper, and watch a movie or two on tv.

Yeah, it'd be a good day to work on inside projects, de-hoarding and such. But, meh. It's not a disaster if I take a rainy day off.

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