Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pin Craft - Bunny in a Jar

I saw this chocolate-bunny-in-a-jar idea at Pinterest some time back and loved the look of it, the use of the Mason jar, and best of all that it's sooooo simple and easy, using items you can get from the Dollar store, but looks so cute.

My cousin and Aunts (whose last/maiden name is Mason, ftw) will love one of these as a little gifty for Easter.

I used some Mason jars that I can no longer use for canning, one has a chip in the rim, the other has a defect in the side of the jar that looks almost like a crack, but isn't, but I wouldn't want to risk it so I use it for candy or a flower vase, or now a crafty-gift.  Otherwise I'll make some more of these using little mayonnaise jars that aren't suitable for canning either.

The original plan just uses paper Easter basket grass, or you could use the plastic stuff. I had decided, for some reason, that I wanted to use Edible Easter Grass.

I had seen it before, but couldn't remember where. I finally found it again at CVS pharmacy (on sale this week 2/$3.00, regular price $1.99 each).

It has the consistency of styrofoam and doesn't taste that great. It also contains Aspartame, which I'm not a fan of. Next time I think I would just stick with the paper grass.

I set the bunny in, and added Sixlets candies. Both can be found at the Dollar Tree store. You can use M&M's or any other pastel colored candies also.

I looked for some free Easter printables and found these at There are a lot more Easter label/tag printables at my favorite place in the world Pinterest.

I was going to go upstairs to look through my ribbon to see if I had anything Easter-y but then I saw a roll of Jute twine sitting in front of me, so I just wrapped it around a few times and knotted it off.

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