Saturday, August 04, 2012

Plant Day Part Deux

I couldn't do this little project earlier because, all the crap I have in my house, I didn't have sponges.

So the truck battery died, so R was taking it to the auto parts place to get it tested, and it's in the same parking lot as the Dollar Tree, so while he was going anyway I rode along and got some sponges (and, yes, some other things: a new cookie sheet b/c my other one got rust, and some paint mini-roller-naps and brushes. They didn't have the mini-naps when I was looking for them before so I figured I'd better go ahead and get some while they had them.)

(We went to Walmart first - they like to get more than one opinion on auto stuff - and as far as sponges, they didn't have any cheap, generic kitchen sponges. Only name brand, or scrubbers, and all cost nearly $3.00 and up.)

The original plan calls for (4) sponges in four different colors, but blue and yellow is what Dollar Tree had, so that's what color mine is.

It also called for a large plastic food-storage container, which I do have one of, but for some crazy reason the top is missing. So, I used a cake container.

Cut up the sponges according to the directions.

Spray surfaces with water.

Sprinkle on grass seed.
This was the hardest part. The first time I did it, grass seed went everywhere! I had to disassemble and gather all the seed and start over. I left the roof off first and sprinkled seed on the "hedges" on the sides, holding the seed close to the target so it wouldn't bounce off.
The roof was harder on account of the slopes. I still got some loose seed on the tray, but oh well, if it sprouts I can pick it out.
Spray with water again - not too close, or you'll spray your seeds off.

Cover, but don't seal closed to prevent to mold. Keep warm and moist and hopefully we'll have sprouting in a week or two.

When I originally saw the idea to do this grass house, I wanted to make it for Kitty. Kitty lives inside, but apparently sometimes cats need to eat grass, Idk. We tried to grow a tray of grass earlier in the Spring, but it didn't do too well.
Anyway, this sponge house is just propped together, not really sturdy, so I don't think it would hold up to Kitty farming from it.

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