Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinterest H8Rs

As many of my regular readers know, I love, love, love Pinterest.

Here lately, I'm getting pretty aggravated by all the negativity from the Pinterest haters. Not because I'm a Pin'ner, but because of the mass lack of self-awareness, self-control, and personal responsibility.

Apparently, Pinterest is "making" people feel inadequate as women and mothers.

I have to wonder where these people have been living prior to now, under a rock?

Whether it's pictures on Pinterest, Blogs, in magazines, on TV, or In Real Life, the fact is, there's always going to be someone more skilled, talented, richer, prettier, thinner, clever, wittier, braver, stronger, mathematical, analytical, smarter, artistic or musical than someone else.

When we're lucky, some of those people share the beauty of their lives/talents with the rest of us.

Instead of appreciating it, learning from it, or deriving simple joy from it, some other people take it as a personal affront and place blame elsewhere for their own personal deficiencies and failures.

The numerous Blog posts whining about Pinterest "making" them feel bad are filled with words like "can't", "can't afford", "don't have time", "not enough patience", "too lazy".

Seriously, who posts "I'm too lazy to do that and Pinterest is making me feel bad about it" and honestly feels like they have a legitimate complaint?

If you're lazy and you know it, you have two good options: #1 - get inspired and strive to improve yourself, or #2 - accept it, own it, and be okay with it.

I am fully aware that I'm too lazy to exercise. If it was important enough to me, I would do it. If it's not important enough for me to do it, then it's not important enough for me to feel bad about not doing it.

I could understand not having enough time, except if these people have time to spend Pinning, then they have time to do a project.
People that really don't have time to be able to do the projects as seen on Pinterest also aren't spending hours on Pinterest and then writing blogs about how bad Pinterest "makes" them feel because they don't have time to do all the projects they pinned.

It's like these people think it's all about them.
Yeah because I totally Pin ideas *I* like, projects *I* want to try, pictures that inspire *me* or make *me* feel good or happy or that *I* want to share with my family and friends, for the sole purpose of making these other people feel bad about themselves.

Pinterest is so much more than these inadequate-feeling narcissists see it as.
There's so much more than crafts, recipes, over-the-top children's party decorations, McMansions, and pretend wedding plans.

There is amazing beauty:



Funny stuff to amuse you. Laughing just makes you feel good!

And so much more still.
If some people could open their eyes and see beyond the fogged-up little bubble they reside in. be continued...


Amber said...

Great post. I agree completely.

I think it's great personally. And uber convenient. It like a central hub of ideas that you used to have to spend hours surfing the nets or a fortune buying magazines to get.

I enjoy mentally designing a house/playroom/menu/curriculum - gives me something pleasant to think about and something to look forward too.

Melissa said...

It is, it's like one ginormous magazine, or a summary of thousands of blogs.

I also enjoy feeling inspired.

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