Monday, May 28, 2012


Something you might not know about me is that I used to be a cake decorator. A long time ago. After this week, I'm thinking it was way back in the good 'old days when people still took pride in doing what they did, and would be too embarrassed to sell someone a cake that looked like my youngest son could have decorated it.

Cakes I made, even just for my own family, had to be nothing short of perfect. Personal pride would allow no less.
(Sorry for the quality, these were taken back before the days of digital when you could preview your picture.)

As the boys got older and I got involved in school and rec league activities and volunteering, I didn't have the time, or want to, I guess, to decorate cakes anymore.

But now I'm kind of griped that I spent about $60.00 for cakes for this weekend, that I could have done myself with hardly any effort at all.

The baby shower cake was acceptable, but there was a large blobby mess on the left side of the cake, some of the shells around the edge were more like blobs, and there was blue coloring smeared on the cake plate and on some of the edging.

Plastic kiddie balloons and fancy roses - these go together how?

This one is a straight up "Are you kidding me my kid could have done better".

Oh well, I get what I deserve, ordering cakes from Walmart.

I ordered Kevin's graduation night cake from a local bakery (forgot to take a pic of it, oh no!). I had planned to order all the cakes from there, but when I went in to order, they had no pictures, no portfolio, no kits for me to choose from. I was ordering blind, and I can't work that way. So I ordered the one cake and left. I ordered the three cakes for Saturdays party from Walmart, but decided I'd do Kevin's birthday cake myself, and make cupcakes to match the Dollar Tree party stuff I'd picked up.

Maybe I'll brush back up on my skills and start decorating a cake here and there again.


Trina said...

I just found out my neighbor used to decorate cakes as well. I find myself a bit jealous, cause yeah...blobby would be good term to describe what I could do! I hope you decide to pick it back up again.

Melissa said...

Well, I took a class to learn how, and practiced at it. Believe me, it wasn't just natural born talent.

If I do start doing it again, I'll have to practice a lot first.

Or, maybe not. Judging by some of the cake offerings I saw this week, people apparently don't have very high standards anymore.

Melissa said...

PS, even though I said about my cakes having to be perfect even for my family, that's just my crazy perfectionism, which causes me a lot of trouble.

If someone is decorating a cake for their kid or family member or a friend and just aren't that talented at it, that doesn't count. The love and effort they put into it is what counts there.

My gripe is with people who stand there and grin proudly while telling you they charge $30 bucks for their cake mess.

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