Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crafty Stuff

A couple of weeks ago I was messing around with some crafty ideas and made this Wooden Ruler Star...star of rulers...whatever.

I thought it might look better if I stained it, maybe make it look vintage. Mostly, it just looks stained.
Maybe next time I'll remove the metal edges and stain before I glue it together.
Ryan suggested it might help if I beat this one up a little bit.

I might have mentioned (several times, haha) in the past that we like free stuff. We'll take almost anything someone else doesn't want (not trash! or stuffed, ugly couches or chairs, but only because I can't re-upholster).

Well, a couple of times, some of the other guys at the Station - who must have more money than sense - would bring stuff to work to throw in the dumpster there. Throwing away not-that-bad-off stuff, but too cheap to haul it to the landfill, haha!

J and his partner - who is a re-user like us - have dug all kinds of re-useable, fixable stuff out of the trash. Even if it wasn't re-usable or fixable, he once got the nearly the entire frame of a trampoline that he ended up taking to the Scrappers and making a couple dollars and it'll be recycled, instead of buried in the ground from now on.

One of the things that was thrown away was this little wooden birdhouse, with not a single thing wrong with it. Even every plastic window covering is still in it so the birdseed will stay in it.

All it needed was a paint job.

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