Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Actually the fact that it was Mother's Day was mostly incidental, other than I called my Mom and wished her HMD.
As far as my Mother's Day, we had planned a couple of weeks ago to go to IKEA and The Varsity but then J ended up catching a shift on the ambulance. Yesterday ended up being the next opportunity we had to be able to to go.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in IKEA this trip (other than getting what I went there for). It's been a few years since we last went there, and a couple or few of the displays I remembered from last time were gone. I don't know if they were replaced with new displays I didn't really like (or if those were the same ones that were there before and I didn't remember them because I didn't really like them then, either). But it seemed to me like they had less room displays, and more just stuff for sale, like at any ol' dept. store.
I don't recall them having like a big section of couches, loveseats, chairs, etc. all set out on the top floor. I can see that at my local furniture store. I love IKEA's Room Displays (kinda like a real life Pinterest).

D thinks he could be comfortable in this snazzy
condo/loft type livingroom.
This room looked like it was decorated just for Tara,
with the matching green and black colors.
R wishes his room was more like this. 
R wants a bed like this, with a work station
(Any of my readers with young children want some advice from an old Momma, bunk beds are an invention of the Debil. Trust me, stick with twins on the floor. The extra space is not worth it. )

I got what I went for, which was the sheer curtains/mosquito nettings for the back porch, plus a few other things.
(Not my back porch)
I got some more dish towels that I love. They're like the old cotton ones that you used to get on the flour bags 35-40 years ago. Better, IMO, than the terry cloth ones that came after.
And a couple of new pillow protector/covers.

Oh, and a new bathroom scale. lol.
Our old bathroom scale was for kids and was decorated with colorful little kid feet. It only went up to like 150 lbs. Before we started eating Low Gluten and cut most of the bread/wheat out of our diet, J gained on up over 200 lbs. So whenever the old scale would go all the way around and on past 0 it would make him mad.
So he stepped on the scale yesterday and it said 190lbs and he was like, heck yeah, get it. It tells me I weight less than 200 lbs, I'm gonna get it.
Last night he came to bed and said "I like that new scale".  Naked, it said he only weighed 187lbs.
LOL, it's all about getting the right scale?

After IKEA we went to The Varsity for Hot Dogs, onion rings and of course their famous Frosty Orange (Varsity Orange).

The Varsity Orange tastes just like the old Push-Up ice creams used to taste (not like the new-fangled flavor Nestle/Popsicle/Flintstones or whatever it is now. Blah!)

When you eat at The Varsity, you have to wear your Varsity hat!


Amber said...

I'm so JEALOUS! I think I would love IKEA. I like the idea of the mosquito curtains, I bet that will look great!

Ha! I was sure bunk bed's were in our future as we have three and only two bedrooms, but we have a few years to rethink that!

Melissa said...

I'm sure you would love IKEA. It's so colorful and their room displays for small space living are so neat.

My house is about 2000 sq ft, give or take, (I forget) but the rooms themselves are so small, so I like seeing what they can do with small spaces.

(Then come home and look up IKEA hacks on the 'net, haha)

It was just that last time I was there there was a couple of room displays that I really liked that weren't there this time. But instead of new displays, I think they just sat out furniture, like in a furniture store, which isn't what I go to IKEA for.

Bunk beds are okay if you don't mind the one occupying the top bunk sleeping on a bare mattress, with a blankey or two thrown up there for her to wrap up in.

But if you want a fitted sheet, or Lord forbid to actually make the thing up with a sheet set and cover, you will suffer terrible injury trying such feats of bravery.

I have pulled/strained muscles, nearly fallen off, almost broke an arm, and gotten thwacked in the head with a ceiling fan (more than once! duh).

We also had three in a room, so bunk beds and crib. I didn't think there was room to take the b.beds apart. Now I look back, I should have made room. Or maybe just not cared as much if the bed was made up with all the "proper" covers.

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