Wednesday, December 04, 2013

911 Dispatcher Ornaments

Edited to Add: If you're interested in these ornaments but don't have the time or ability to make them yourself, I have some for sale in my Etsy store, Nine7Sycamore. 
I can also take special orders for variations of the ones in the Store as far as faces, eyes, and charm (based on availabilty). 
Ask for discount on larger quantity orders.

Remember my fire truck & ambulance Christmas tree ornaments from last year?

Here is another super-duper easy ornament I came up with. (This apparently only happens once a year, lol.)

I was looking for ideas to make a little token prezzie to put under the Christmas tree for my son Ryan's co-workers at 911.
When I searched for 911 dispatcher ornaments all I really saw was some disk type ornament, plain and not very cute.
Eventually I had settled on just painting something like "P___ County 911" on a colored Christmas tree Ball.

Then last night I was looking around on the 'net some more, at Christmas ball ornament crafts in general, and saw Snowmen ones. Some were wearing little toboggans, but some were wearing ear muffs, and that's where I got the idea of Christmas ball ornaments wearing headsets.

I glued the pipe cleaner "headset" on first. Just one pipe cleaner, threaded through the ornament loop at the top. I hot glued both the right and left sides across from the other.  I hot glued a small black pom-pom on one side right on top of the pipe cleaner.
I brought the pipe cleaner on around and cut it off after a few inches, then curled the end of it around to make it look like a small microphone of sorts.

I didn't glue it down because it's supposed to be out in front of the mouth/face.

Next I painted some facial features on.

We plan to write/paint some kind of personalization on the back side, but I'm not sure yet what it'll say.

Also check out 911 Dispatcher Ornaments, Vol 2014.


jules said...

I love this. Making these for my co-workers in dispatch!

Melissa said...

Awesome! They'll love them!

Unknown said...

I always get my Communications Officer's ornaments and I have pretty much purchased everything out there. I love these and love this idea, I will be making these for them this year! Thank you

Melissa said...

You're welcome! and thank you.

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