Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Ornaments

While I was out shopping at the Dollar Tree store one day, I ran across these little wooden, wheeled toys. It occurred to me I could make them into Christmas tree ornaments!

All I needed to do was add an eye hook, which I already had in my handy-dandy picture-hanging kit at home (that I probably had also gotten from the Dollar Tree). I just used my needle-nose pliers to screw the eye hook in to the tops of the trucks.

Then I used some gold cord from my craft bag stash to tie on a "hanger".

Viola' !


374's Wife said...

Those are great! I'm going to have to run into Dollar Tree this week and see if ours still has them. Next year I would like to have a fire themed tree in our dining room, and this would be great filler ornaments!

Melissa said...

I remembered how I got this idea..I had been looking online for an ornament for the Fire Wives ornament exchange, and I saw on etsy where someone had screwed eye hooks into the little plastic firefighter figures, you know like the little army men, except they're firefighters.

So I was looking for those, but got side tracked by these wooden toys, lol!

The plastic firefighters might make good filler ornaments. I'm pretty sure you can get a bag of like 25 or 50 for $1.00.


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