Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cash and Gift Card Gifts

This year I decided to give my oldest son and his fiance' a mix of gift cards and spendy cash for Christmas.

But just handing them an envelope to open is no fun. Appreciated yes, but still not fun. And if there's one thing I know my kid enjoys, it's opening presents.

So here's how I made it fun and gave them presents to open.

"Oh, how cute, a puppy calendar" (from the Dollar Tree)

With Eats and Treats taped to the back.

(They really were appreciative of the calendar itself and I believe would have liked it even without all the gift cards taped on the back.)

I don't think they were too sure what to make of the Soda Pop Scented bubbles, though, haha.

Until they found the Walmart gift card taped to the back.

They had opened this one first and had no idea it was anything but a nice candy dish filled with peppermints.

After opening the calendar and bubbles, and also (not pictured) a Sock Monkey holding a Kroger (grocery store) gift card and an Amazon gift card (that's idea didn't work out, so I had to just put it in a gift bag), I told them they might want to re-visit the candy dish.

Life is like a box of chocolates....

You never know what you're going to get.

I had seen (saw?) an idea of making a gift of money-related candies, but I wasn't sure how to include the actual money, so I just stuck it in Santa money-holder cards.

Tossed it all in a box lined with gold tissue paper.

For this one I bought a bag of water balloons, there were 30 in the bag, so I got 30 one-dollar-bills and we rolled them up and put one in each balloon.

And they laughed

And laughed

I've seen them smile, and grin, and be happy and appreciative. But this was different.

They got such a kick out of their little treasure discoveries, such enjoyment. We were all tickled watching them.

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