Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh My Stars!

I went to look to buy some more of the Lucky Star origami paper strips, and the arrival dates were saying like between Feb. 4th and 17th.  When I was busy at Christmas the long delivery date wasn't a big deal, but now I'm addicted to these things, I needed my fix sooner!

While I was looking around for a more local source, I happened on this video that not only tells about making the paper strips yourself, but recycling catalogs to do it! OMG! I love recycling stuff! Now I can make all the stars I want without spending a dime!!

I have a stack of catalogs and magazines not yet carried off to the recycle bin at the convenience center so I went and looked for a colorful one and found a Cabela's catalog.
I used the front page of it because the paper was thicker. I don't yet how the other pages are going to work.

Of course my paper cutter is hiding from me atm (I can never seem to find anything until I'm not looking for it) but no biggie, I used a ruler to mark 1cm spaces at the top and bottom, then used my ruler to draw a line all the way down the page. Cutting along the line was pretty easy.

I already love these "Hunter" colored stars better than the glittery ones I did before.

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