Friday, January 11, 2013

Lucky Stars

I ran across Lucky Stars by accident one night while surfing the 'net looking at Christmas Ornament ideas.

I saw this idea for a clear ball ornament filled with Lucky Stars. I thought the Stars were really cute, and the blogger claimed they were really easy-peasy to make.

I watched the instructional video about how to make them, and it did look pretty easy. I tried out a few on my own using regular white paper and they turned out "Okay".
I think mostly I just needed practice, but I thought it was the paper, so I jumped on eBay to look for some.

I bought about 40 pcs of glittery, sparkly paper strips for $1.88 and free shipping. They were coming from Hong Kong so it was going to be a bit of a wait, but that was okay because I was busy with Christmas anyway.

The strips arrived a couple of days ago and I had to watch the video again, but sat and folded out like 5 Lucky Stars before I even knew it.

Even with the special paper strips, I still need more practice. Mine tend to come out lop-sided for some reason.
Next time I want to look for those pastel colored strips like in the video. They look like candy, or marshmellow stars.

They're really pretty addictive. I have the envelope of strips sitting here on my desk and find myself almost mindlessly reaching for one and starting to fold it up.  I've used up over half of my paper strips already!

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