Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dresser Re-do

Remember the dresser I found for $7.99 at a Thrift Store a couple of months ago?

It looked great and was in great condition, all except for this water damage on top.

We sanded it all down, primered with Zinsser primer, and then I had to debate awhile on what color to paint it.

I already had a gallon of dark brown paint I had bought to paint the trim in the livingroom so I just used that.

Oops, I should have dusted it before taking the pic! But as you can see, the water damage is fixed.

I did end up taking some things out of our bedroom and putting it in here. Strangely, once we got it in here, it shrank in size by like half.  I'm thinking there was almost more room in the chiffarobe. (Which is now in the livingroom, sitting in front of the french doors to the diningroom.) Sigh.


Fire Wife Katie said...

It looks great!! Love it!

Trina said...

Love it. Hope you are doing okay. <3

Melissa said...


Trina, some days are better than others. Thanks for caring.

MrsJGlutz said...

This looks fabulous!

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