Friday, December 09, 2011

Gone & Done

The toys are gone to the Thrift Store (Helping Hands charity store), the painting is done (the part I was working on lately), and we are ready for tomorrow (mostly).

Tomorrow is Christmas Tree Cutting/Decorating day.

I got the wall-primering finished last night, then this morning after I took Kev to school, I came home and got started with the painting.  Didn't take long, even with taking breaks I was done by 10:00am.

John came in and we left to go run some errands. After we got back he and Ryan helped me with putting the livingroom back in order and cleaning up.

I picked a couple of the toys that weren't really gender specific and asked if J thought his partner's little girl would like them and he said he thought she would, so I feel good that they are going to her.
Then I had him talk me into just putting the rest in the box, and him carrying it to the thrift store..
So, they're gone. (Sniff) But my livingroom looks nice!

Still a good bit of work to do - the ceiling, trim, painting the windows...and closet door? Can't decide about it. It's ugly as it is, brown, but I just can't picture it as white, either.
Anyway, compared to how it's looked for a pretty long time, it's looking really pretty nice to us right now.

I saw a picture in a magazine of a room painted this Blue and they'd painted the trim a dark, Chocolate brown. I liked the way it looked, so I also bought the Chocolate Brown paint. But the Blue with the White doors/trim actually looks really nice in there, and now I can't picture how it would look if I painted the doors and trim brown, and don't know if I would really like it now or not.


Trina said...

LOVE it. That was the color I painted my bathroom at our old house. Love it with the white. Great job!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Trina!

Haha, my bathroom is blue & white, too.
Maybe I should paint IT chocolate, so the livingroom won't look as much like the toilet!

Melissa said...

Oops, *chocolate brown. (Erm, poo colored? eww.)

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