Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? lol

My youngest kid had three days out of school this week - President's Day or Winter Break, whatever ya wanna call it - so we took off for a few rest- and relax-ful (ha!) days at my parents place in Steinhatchee, Florida.

Last weekend there was the 4th Annual Fiddler Crab Festival.
We got there about 4pm, and the weather was gorgeous! Mom had the windows open, J changed into shorts, I put on a tshirt. Niiiiice!

Fiddler Crab Festival along the Steinhatchee River
The 'rents workin' the Concert gate.
Ryan and John enjoying yummy Funnel Cake
Dad and Crabby Lady

On Sunday the weather started out nice, but then the wind picked up and blew and blew.  We went 17 miles up the road to Keaton Beach but the wind was blowing like gale force winds and my hair looked like it exploded and there's no way I'm posting a picture of that! lol

After there we went on up to Perry, Florida to go to Walgreens (I had Register Rewards expiring that day) and went in Winn Dixie for a couple of grocery type things.

Monday, we slept late, relaxed around the house, walked to the post office and around the neighborhood and basically didn't do much of anything.

On Tuesday, Daddy decided we'd go out fishing in the boat. Mom and I declined, but somehow ended up finding ourselves aboard anyway.
Had I knew he was planning to go FOURTEEN MILES out into the ocean, I would have declined a bit more strenuously.

Ryan's {some kind of fish}
Dad and John were reeling in black bass one after another.
Mom caught same kind as Ryan (I snapped too early)
Ryan caught another {some kind of fish}
John caught another bass

Besides the fact I get motion sick anyway, the ocean was rough that day. We were bobbing and swaying and I took as many pics as I could of them fishing, then I had to lay out and try to keep it down.

It didn't work. Shortly after this picture was taken (by my dear, caring, sympathetic husband), I was hanging over the side spewing my breakfast, which in turn made Ryan sick, while my (dear, caring, sympathetic) Dad was hollering "Take a picture and post it on Facebook!"

So if a picture of me spewing chunks shows up on FB, I was sea-sick, not drunk! LoL

We're back home today, feeling beat up and worse than we started when we set out for a few days of rest and relaxation. Ha!


Amber said...

Glad it was fun except for the spewing part!

The only time I've been deep sea fishing was with my evolutionary biology class at the College of Charleston. And we had to turn what we caught into a functional reticulating skeleton (ewww) worth 50% of our grade. I felt bad for the deckhand (who happened to be my husband's cousin by marriage) because 12 of those girls refused to bait their own hooks. I did manage to catch a 40 lb amberjack, though. It made a hell of a skeleton!

We will be going on a short vaca to the ATL the last week of March. Gonna try to take the girls to the aquarium and zoo! Hopefully, there will be some relaxing in!

Melissa said...

Hahaha, silly girls.

I can't imagine catching a 40lb something. The ones they were catching probably wasn't but a pound or two and they were pulling and yanking like they were hauling in whales or something, lol.

Funny, I just picked up some brochures for the aquarium at the Welcome center on the way home. I haven't been to it yet. I hear good things, though.

I don't know if you do scrapbooking or anything, but I always stop in the Welcome Centers at the state line and pick up free brochures (1) to find ideas about things to do and (2) free scrapbook decorations.

I don't actually go to Atlanta much, but if you need me to look up anything for you or anything, just ask.

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