Thursday, February 09, 2012

Shopping Angel

I'm not entirely sure if this post would fit under the topic of Theological Discussion, or Fiction Writings, but here's my story, which is entirely true, even if it's not really.

This past Sunday I went out to go coupon shopping at one of the drug stores that had a pretty good sale going on.
This part is a bit hard to explain; I had to drive J to his brother's to help him work on his (J's) truck that had all but broken down the week before. Where the brother lives, I could go one way to one of these drug stores, then on to another one, then over to another one, up to another one, then another, and make a big circle back around to brother's place.
The reason I do this is because I don't like to be a "shelf clearer", buying up all the sale items from one store so no one else can get any. Since I'm out that far from home anyway, it's not a big deal to take a route that visits multiple stores.

I had my shopping plan in place which included buying aspirin, energy strips, and toothpaste in one order, then "rolling" the drug-store-money-coupon I got back into some sex-lube and eggs.

At the first store I went to, I only found one box of aspirin on the shelf, and was disappointed because I had wanted to do two deals. I stood there and whined to myself for a couple of moments, then I decided or was prodded to look again. I bent over and looked, and there was one more box of aspirin at the back of the next row over.
I said, "Woo-hoo! Thank you, Shopping Angel!"

I should explain here that I've had "Shopping Angel" (or Angels) for awhile, after I started doing the Xtreme Qpon thing and would be treated badly by some cashiers who were either jealous or thought I was somehow scamming/stealing to be able to get so much stuff for free. I got to where I started praying to my "Shopping Angel(s)" to help things go smoothly, or that there would be the items I needed in stock, or thanking her/them when things went smoothly or the items I wanted were in stock.

Of course, the smooth shops and/or having plenty of stock was only good about half the time, so I didn't really believe there was any 'higher' help going on.
And once that horrible "Extreme Couponing" show came on TLC, if there was any 'higher' help, she/they abandoned the field completely.

Anyway, because it seemed like the box of aspirin appeared out of nowhere when I needed it, I just thanked the Shopping Angel that seemed to be hanging around.

Moving along, the store was completely out of the sex-lube.
I knew going so late in the day that I would be lucky to find any of the Free-After-(coupon) items, so I wasn't really surprised.  I asked a manager, then later a cashier if they would have any more in the back (never take one's person word, many of them have an agenda of being coupon-user-haters). The manager told me they didn't keep any stock in the back (liah!) and the cashier told me they'd never gotten any in to start with.

Having read on some message boards that a good many of the sale items are out of stock at the warehouse, so the stores aren't getting any in, I thought the cashier's word might be plausible.
So, when I left that store and debated driving on to the next store, I wasn't sure it was worth trying. Either they didn't get any in at all, or it was so late in the day they were probably going to be out.
Because not only was it free sex lube, it was money-making sex lube, of course it's going to go OOS (out of stock) fast.

However, while debating the value of trying the next store, my car turned on the road taking me to the other store, instead of towards home.
I rolled my eyes and said (to Shopping Angel), "I hope you know what you're doing."

I am not shittin' you here, the very next second, the song I Get A Good Feeling by Flo Rida started playing on the car radio.
"Ok, I hope you know what you're talking about."

And, sure a freekin' nuff, the next store had a whole stock of the sex-lube!

So I was able to "roll" my aspirin, energy strips and toothpaste (coupons) into the sex-lube and eggs deal.
Unfortunately, they didn't have any aspirin in stock, so I couldn't turn around and "roll" my (coupons) from the sex-lube and eggs deal into more aspirin, energy strips, and toothpaste deals.

Since I was already way across town and it was just as easy to keep on to the other stores as to go home, I headed on to the next store. On the way, I told Shopping Angel, that was nice, but it would be really nice if this next store had all the items in stock so I could do a couple of "rolls" to make up for the lack of deals I was able to do at the previous two stores (I had planned on being able to do two deals at each store).

The song Give Me Everything by Pitbull was already playing on the car radio, but again, not shittin' you, I no sooner thought the thought, when the verse "And baby, I'ma make you feel so good tonight, 'cause we might not get tomorrow", "Give me everything tonight" played in answer.

Okay, I have to admit, that freaked me out a little.

Then I went in the store and they had lots of everything I wanted in stock. And the cashier was so freekin' nice. I was able to do my deals four times without any problem.

"Shopping Angel, you da bomb!"

But seriously, what was that? Freakish coincidence? Or... I mean, how does one keep denying something that seems so apparently blatant?   It seems like asking someone to show you they can lift 500 pounds, then still not believing it even when you've seen it with your own eyes. Right?

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