Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Blog

(If you don't read any thing else, please read the last line of this post before clicking on the New Blog link.)

As you might know, I've been reading a lot lately. It being Winter, and me being a hibernator and not much up to doing anything that involves me getting more than a few feet from my heater for any length of time. (Yes, I know this has been a warmer than normal Winter, but that doesn't seem have mattered.)

At any rate, I was starting to feel constrained in my Wednesday Book/Reading posts. If I wrote everything I wanted to say about each book, times a few books, the post would end up much too long. 

Not to mention, by the time I've gotten to a third book in a week, I've pretty much forgotten the first one or what my opinion was about it, causing me to have to go back and practically re-read it to recall it. 

Also, the books I'm reading are fairly risque', I think, and I think, too, there's a reason for that. 

Since I already have a viewing audience here, I wasn't feeling taking this Blog in that direction, with no warning. Or any warning at all.  I started this Blog as a family type, home life Blog, and I'm thinking I want to keep it that way.

I originally started the New Blog as a Book/Reader Blog, where I could post about a book I read as soon as I finished, no matter what day it was, giving each book it's own post, and not having to condense what I wanted to say about it.

But as I started writing, and didn't feel a mental flinch everytime I typed a bad word, I got to thinking, this could be my Grown-up Blog.

The New Blog is still in transition; I had given it a Book-Reader title, then tried out a couple of other titles I didn't  care for (I am terrible at titling blogs, posts, pretty much anything).  At the moment it's just called Millie's Place, but that may change. And likely the design, and as I add gadgets and ads and stuff.

Also, I put an Over 18 Warning on it, so be advised if you're offended by cussing, sex, naked pictures, porn, and/or TMI, you're likely to see it there.


Amber said...

I like the way you think, Lady! You're full of great ideas lately!!

I, too, have been wondering if I should take my more r-rated posts to another spot. Of course I was trying to be way more difficult about it, talking to people about seeing if I could have a "locked" page over 18 page on my current blog. Duh, much easier to do it your way and linky linky.

You're such a smart cooke!

Trina said...

Fine, guess I'll have to go to another blog to live vicariously through your reading until summer. Sheesh!!

Great idea, although my thought is that if it is too much for you, close the window and go on to another page. Nothing keeps you at that site.

Happy Wednesday!

Melissa said...

LOL, Amber, thanks, but it's more about a need to compartmentalize than intelligence.

Trina, a lot of the time I agree. I'm usually more of a rebel and think, it's my blog, I'll post what I want to. Somebody don't like it, they know where the X button is.

But on the other hand (not sure if I can explain this well) I was raised in the genteel South, the bible belt. There's just certain things a lady don't discuss in mixed company (mixed company can be interpreted to what ever suits: men, family, church ladies).
Since I started this blog with the intentions of it being a family type blog, and knowing that I link to a few blogs where the ladies are pretty devout - and you know, like, Catholic school teachers and such - anytime I post something that is offensive, I feel like I'm going to get in trouble with my Grandmothers.
(Even though they are gone, they are never really gone. Life-long teachings tend to stick.)

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