Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's Weather

however, is another story. It is overcast and chilly despite being 61* and occasionally rainy, but the worst of it is the ridiculous wind blowing today.  Like gale force, or hurricane winds it seems like.  In a yard full of huge, ancient trees, this is a scary thing.

So a little bit ago Ryan came downstairs and said, "I heard it, which one was it?"  We went and looked out the doors, and saw this:

The big tree in our side yard broke in half and fell over into our neighbors yard, coming pretty dang close to their house!  Yikes.

Of course J's on duty today, because isn't that always the way? I texted him a picture because, you know, had to make his day, too.

He called and said they are running one after another call for trees down on power lines.
Then Ryan came downstairs and said a tree went down and knocked out power across the street behind us.

It's supposed to drop down to around 30* tonight, with a wind chill in the 20's tomorrow morning, only into the 50's during the day, when we'll be out having to cut up and clean up this tree :(

I don't love these rough incoming Spring time of the season. It's roaring in like a lion this year.


Amber said...

We had the same wind in Chas, SC too!!This weather has be absolutely schizo this year, hasn't it!?! I hope you get it cleaned up quickly!! Glad it didn't hit your neighbors house!

Melissa said...

We would've had it cleaned up yesterday, but J cut all he could on Saturday and then his brother came yesterday and they hooked the chain to it and pulled it on down with his 4WD. So he got it cut on up, and our son and his friend stacked logs and burned branches today.

Gonna have to hire someone to come take the rest of the tree, before it falls and crushes a fence I don't want to have to replace. It's an old POS, but we'll have to pay for a brand new one. Cheaper to have tree taken down.

I heard SC was getting tornado watches/warnings over the weekend. We managed to escape that, at least.

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