Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ahh, Sunny Florida

Our Christmas Eve day was different this year; usually we get together with my extended family, Aunts and cousins and all, but for various reasons, that didn't work out this time. So we stayed home and my oldest son and his fiancee' came up and we had our own Christmas - and my oldest's birthday - celebration.
Then John, me, and the younger boys left Christmas day to come down to my parents Florida home.

OMGaaaaahhhhh.....When we left home it was chilly and raining and miserable. It rained on us to nearly the Florida state line. But then we passed some magical point and all of a sudden I was folding up my blanket, taking off my jacket, Kevin was coming out of his clothes, and we had to turn the A/C on. Soooo niiicccceee!

Got here to Mom's and she had the windows open and fans going. I looooved it. This is so my kind of climate!

We went out on Dad's boat and did some fishing, but guess the fish had big Christmas dinners because they were not biting.  John didn't care, though, he just enjoys fishing (the rest of us like catching, lol).

Citrus ripens in December in Florida, so we picked a bunch of fresh pink grapefruit from the neighbors tree. Yuum! Love grapefruit. Doesn't seem to be any orange trees around here.

Tomorrow we're headed to my sister's over in Central Florida to spend the rest of the week with them.

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Trina said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip. I wish we either got snow or 60s. This chilly, rainy, muddy mess is driving me crazy.

Safe travels!

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