Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hoping For A Better Next Week

Last week was rough. My son and his fiance' came up last Sunday and we had our Christmas Tree Day, which was fun.
But apparently my cycle sync'd up with hers (I never really believed that really happened). I started that evening, but I'm pretty sure it was early (you'd think after 30+ years I'd know exactly when, but I don't). I was okay on Monday; but instead of doing more cleaning out, I ended up spending the day just moving a lot stuff around to make Ryan a Computer Repair area.
He has been collecting a bunch of pieces and parts of computers, and told me this was the biggest problem with his room mess, so if he had a place to work, he could figure out what he could use, and be able to get rid of the rest. Okay, so I shift a bunch of my stacks of stuff around upstairs, and we cleaned off the piled up folding table from the carport and toted it upstairs. He got all the computer misc. sorted out on/under the table....hasn't touched it since, and his room isn't looking a whole lot better.

Tuesday I didn't feel good, so I spent the day in bed, reading and relaxing. Wednesday I had PMS. I cried because I made J feel bad, and I wanted to go to the Beach.

Thursday I felt better, and spent some time in the kitchen. I needed to make Kevin some more white-chocolate-dipped-Oreos. This is the only time of the year that I'll make them for him, so I keep him plenty supplied during this time.
And Ryan had been asking for some Gingerbread cake. I hadn't ever made Gingerbread cake before, so I got online looking up some recipes and found an easy sounding one, and I had all the ingredients in my cabinet already!

(Yep, I was reading on my Kindle while doing my baking)

At some point after this, that Bug the boys have been battling for the past month attacked me.
Ryan came down with it the week before Thanksgiving, complaining of aches, sore throat, congestion. Rushed him to the doctor to find out it was Viral and nothing to do but wait it out. Kevin got it the day after Thanksgiving and missed the whole week of school.
Since I knew it was Viral, I treated him at home the same as Ryan, but then five-six days later, he was making no improvement, so off to the Doctor. He had the Viral thing, but had also developed Bronchitis. So he got a breathing treatment, an inhaler and anitbiotics.
Within the next couple of days Ryan said he thought Kevin gave it back to him. I said, No. No way, you can not be sick again, so just stop.
They weren't sick sick, but they both kept blowing, coughing, and off and on sore throats.
Thursday morning, Kevin woke up as sick as he had been before. Pretty bad. But there was only two days left of school, so I dosed him and told him to stick it out.

But Thursday afternoon, it got a hold of me. This bug hits fast, and hard. I sneezed hard a couple of times, then that was pretty much the end of my breathing for awhile. Blowing, coughing, aching everywhere.
I felt terrible, and when I when I feel bad, I get desperate to feel better, and just kind of take whatever I can find in the medicine cabinet. If one thing doesn't work well enough or fast enough, I'll find something else. I went to bed but couldn't go to sleep. My throat kept getting dry, causing coughing. I finally got some throat drops, but I think I took some non-drowsy meds and even though I laid there, still and heavy, like my body was asleep, my mind was still awake. Then my legs started jerking around. Ugh. Misery.

I was awake all night. At our usual get-up time Friday morning, I went to wake up Kevin and he looked as miserable as I felt, so I said, eh, just go back to sleep.  I went to bed, too, and slept for most of two days.

I am always preaching that sleep is the best medicine. It works every time, I don't know why no one believes me. I got up yesterday evening, feeling almost good as new.  Kevin's still not doing that well. He doesn't do anything, lays around and plays his online game, but he doesn't sleep. Sleep is the body's best healer. I don't know why, but it really works.


Trina said...

We had that hit out house last month. Feel better soon. Enjoy the holidays if I don't find my way back over here before then!

Melissa said...


I know, this is gonna be a busy week for everyone.

If you do find your way back before then, Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to you and your family!

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