Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Book Whoreding

Based on several reader-buddies recommendations I started reading the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley this week.

Book One is called Rock Chick. India Savage is a cop's daughter/Rock Chick/book-store owner. Liam is her best friend's older brother. Indy was in love with Lee for many years, until he told her she was like his little sister.
One night, she and her shop's Barista, Rosie, who has a lucrative side business growing primo Weed, get shot at by some goons who's looking for a bag of diamonds that Rosie has/had.
Lee is a Private Investigator/Scary Guy who did love Indy all along, but didn't think it was right to tell her when he was headed off to the Special Forces and might not have returned home. Now he decides the time is right for them, if he can keep Indy alive long enough.

The characters of this book bore a strong resemblance to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Ranger, and I'm not a real fan of what I perceive as "copy cat" books.
But if I discounted that one thing, or hadn't read the Plum books, then this book was an enjoyable read.
Lee is a total Alpha male (Yum!), Indy is strong and independent, but Lee makes her seem girly. I like that.

Book Two is Rock Chick Rescue. Jet is an employee at Indy's book store, and also a waitress at a local strip joint, trying to earn money to support her mother who suffered a stroke. Her ne'er-do-well father shows up in town with a large gambling debt, and the bad guys keep trying to use her to find or get to him.
Eddie Chavez is a Cop who likes Jet, and appoints himself her caretaker/bodyguard/lover.

Other than the characters, this story is a whole lot similar to the first book so far.

These books are heavy on the F-word, but light on the graphic sex.

I'm only a little ways through book two, with five more to go:
3. Rock Chick Redemption
4. Rock Chick Renegade
5. Rock Chick Revenge
6. Rock Chick Reckoning
7. Rock Chick Regret

While we're on the subject of recommendations (sort of), in addition to books recs, I also like recipe recs sometimes...when it seems like something the family would like, and is really easy to make.
Recently some of my gal pals at the Fire Wives Message Board  I frequent chatted about something called Oreo Truffles, which I'd never heard of, but my kid loooves Oreos, and these were almost ridiculously easy to make.

All you do is chop up a package of Oreos into fine bits. I usually put Oreos in a ziplock bag and hammer them, which ends up making a gooey mess, because I didn't know you put them in a food processor. I got out my little mini-chopper and sure enough, it worked great.

Leave out some of the cookie crumbles for topping if you want, and mix the rest with a block of cream cheese. (I used my hand to mix it, it was easier.)

Melt some chocolate or white chocolate or any other kind of chips you prefer in a double-boiler or the microwave.

Form the Oreo-cream cheese mixture into little balls, then dip/coat in the melted chocolate chips. Put on wax paper to harden. Sprinkle with cookie crumbs if you want to.

Turns out my kid didn't like these. So I sent them to the Firehouse with J, where I hear they were devoured.


Amber said...

Looks delicious!!!!! I think I'll have to try that tomorrow! Merry Christmas!!!

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas, Amber!

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